Broken TE stick!

Hi everyone. I am an enthusiastic player from Maryland and last August I bought a brand new MadCatz TE stick MVC3 edition.

The problem is that is broken now! The physical parts are just like new. I do not play that much since I am studying my PhD!

The problem is that TE stick is sending input as if I were pressing left, even if I am not touching it!
I think the problem began when the stick gave an electrostatic shock. Then, it suddenly gave me another and fixed itself. Then again, after another it broke again.

Do you guys have an idea on how to fix it?

the JLF pcb may be bad? you can replace just the TP-MA pcb assembly:

or just buy a new JLF stick.

The pcb is just like new. I opened the front of the TE stick and disconnected the physical stick from it and it was still sending left! Any other idea? Plus I have only played about 15 hours!

Sounds like the main pcb is malfunctioning, or something is causing a short somewhere. Is you stick stock or modded? If your warranty is still intact you should contact MadCatz. If your stick is modded, then providing pics of the internals will help troubleshoot.

I doubt its the TP-MA its might be the main PCB.

If its under warranty, have mad catz replace it first

For many of us its not a hard fix. If you do not feel like doing the repair your self there are several modders located in Maryland including myself, Mufasa2 and spenzalii

Yes I mailed Madcatz and they asked me to sent it, but the shipping to Cali from Maryland is 50! a third of the full price I paid. So I would like to find a cheaper solution. Please, I know you guys are geniuses!!!

Honestly the shipping would be cheaper than parts and labor of someone else doing the repair. Its around $30 and up for a new board. More so if you want someone to find a matching MadCatz board. Whether or not this is a PS3 or Xbox 360 stick will also effect this.
Unless you feel like and able to repair it your self, the Stick more than likely need a New Main PCB. Its easy as disconnecting the old lines, place in the new board and reconnect the lines

Ok. Thank you. I guess I will have to ship it to Cali.

If i were you and I had a broken PCB, i rather get it dual modded by a local. I believe dual modding with a ps360 is under 100 so for 50$ more you can get a dual modded stick.