Broken "up" on madcatz w/ pic


Help!! how do i fix that?


ouch, ooc how did that happen?


I dont know how it happened. i was playing SF4 for the first time, and about an hour into it, my character would uncontrolably jump. it would subside and reoccur for about 20 min, until i lost “up” altogether.

I figured I’d rather have a look inside and atempt my own fix, than wait the 3 or more weeks for a warranty repair. I’m on the east coast and I just got SF$!! Logical right? I hope so…

anyway, this is how i wound up in this sites forums! Also, it looks like I found some very knowlegable people.

Any ideas?


Well i guess I’ll try to have it repaired at a tv repair shop, or whatever electronic repair shop i can find. Right now i just want to play…bummer


oh wow, damn how’d that come off?!?

i cant tell if thats a resistor being used but if it is you can grab a multimeter and figure out how much resistence it is, buy another one from like radio shack(okay they are OP but w/e) and solder it on yourself.


Please post/followup in this thread…