Broken USB port on Xbox360

so i pulled my stick out of the usb port on my xbox after a session, as normal, and i noticed an extra plastic piece came off with it.

it’s supposed to be part of the usb port on the console and now the port is useless.

googling it, it seems like it’s pretty common and also that MS isn’t going to fix it either. can anyone help me out with what i should do here?

If one of the usb ports still works i would get a usb hub and just plug your devices in there. It should still read everything you put in that hub correctly. As for fixing that port im not sure what can be done.

i see. will any usb hub work? and will that cause any problems, like lag? thanks man

yeah, they are all fairly standard

I had this problem with a new console I had last year. You need to put that plastic bit back in making sure the pins line up (May require poking around in there) with it and when you know it’ll work jam a USB hub or something in there (I personally used a XFPS to do this myself and I don’t really use it for any controllers I tend to use it for powering my headset) Then after you have done this never remove it.

With mine when this happened my xbox wouldn’t power on without putting that piece of plastic back in correctly.

thanks everyone for all hte responses. seems like the usb hub did the job just fine.