Bronx Beatdowns. NYC

Hey guys, with school and work around the clock it’s been difficult to get out and play here in NYC @ NL or 8bit. I’ve decided to maybe bring the fight home. I’ve recently built a game room to host weekend sessions in whatever fighting games people play, I have no bias I just want to get better and play everything. I’ll start hosting sessions Sundays from 4pm to whenever we get tired.

There are several chairs and two tv’s so far (more to come) and it’s a small comfortable space in a quiet neighborhood, however we can get as loud and rowdy as we please. If you don’t mind chipping in with a small (optional) donation for my electric bill that would be awesome.

I’m at 903 Faile Street, Bronx, NY 10474. If you’re headed here by train the 6 to hunts point puts you off just a few blocks away from my house.

*Fighting game sessions in the bronx on sundays 4 - whenever
*903 Faile Street, Bronx, NY 10474

*Bring your own controller
*You can bring your own console also (I have ps3/ps2)
*Bring the fighters you’d like to play (I have SF4 SF3:3S T6 BB:CS and so on)
*Bring a friend?

I’d come on by. Though, I only live by the 2 and 5 trains, hah. Least when I’m in NY anyway.

I’m not far from the 2 and 5 actually, You can just get off at Simpson street and walk to hunts point.

NICEEE!!! I been looking for a more local community; to NL is sort of a pain. I live on Morrison by the 6 train as well. Hopefully Bx comes out of the woodwork and I can play some good competition. :smiley: I should be able to show up this sunday if you’re having it this sunday. I can bring an xbox with AE12, umvc3, 3so, and HDR if needed.

Sure, I’ll be hosting this Sunday so bring whatever ya feel. Bring a chair to if ya can haha.

I have UMvC3 for PS3. All my other games are in another country, haha…

<-- Completely Fraudulent, btw.

Sorry guys, have to cancel on ya this week. Taking care of some last minuet business. But next weekend we’ll be in action!

next weekend as in christmas day? im a block away from the soundveiw stop so i can make that happen most weekends i think. only thing is i dont have a ps3 stick, i play on xbox.

Oh SHI! I wasn’t even thinking. if a lot of people want to do it then I’m down for Christmas, I’ll just turn it into a Christmas party. If not, Next week for sure.

yea i thought that was a little weird lol, either way if people do go then i guess i can go but it definitely wont be at 4 it would be later at like 7 or something. if not the week after im certainly in there for sure.

Yo~ I’d like to join in on these session. I live up in the bronx, so I’m down for some hangin’. I’m down for a Christmas session as well. I think starting Jan, I’ll be able to bring an entire setup as well, with a PS3 and an Evo monitor. It’ll be fun to meet other FGC guys in the Bronx, since I don’t know many.

A couple questions:
What games do you guys usually play? I’m an AE person myself, but am learning 3s and KoF XIII, and will definitely get into Skull Girls and Soul Calibur 5 when they come out.
Are there any buses by your place? I can def transfer over to the 6, but if I can grab a bus from here straight there, then that would be more convenient for me.

See ya there, hopefully.

i play marvel, sf4, 3s, and cvs2 mainly but i also like blaz and hdr. i wanna get into some kof also.

I’m in bk, but I don’t mind showing my support every now and then. I play marvel, I’m pretty sure you all can beat me in sf4.

^ Legit as hell

so whats good with 2morrow? is it happening?

Not for me.

We’ll start our thing in 2012 then? I’m cool for that.

Is this still going on? I would love a chance to improve my game namely in UMVC3 and AE. Theres really no scene in the bx so this would be a great chance to start one

I dont mind helping you with your UMvC3 game. I’m free Tuesday and Wednesday this week if you dont mind coming to Brooklyn. Or you can shoot me an invite on xbl.

So what’s the deal with this? Are you still hosting?