Bronx, NY daytime sessions


So im usually free during the weedays untill around 6 or 7pm. i wish i could host sessions at night instead of during the day or on weekends but thats not the case. If anybody is free during that time to run games just hit me up. im 2 blocks from the morrison/soundveiw station on the 6 train. i own and play marvel, kof, ssf4, 3s and cvs2. i have tekken 6 and bbcs2 but havent played em in a while and i know they came out with extend already but if anyone plays it and wants someone to play with offline im more then willing to pick it up again too. that goes with any fighter actually except cross tekken, that game is booty butt cheeks. yea i said it.


Yeah man I’m down for some sessions I’ve wanted to start a scene here in the bx for a while but havent had the time but since the summer starting my schedule is freeing up n I really want to take my game to the next level. Hopefully more people from the bx post here we been slacking :confused:


Im in East Tremont (Westchester Square stop on the 6 train), I havent been playing any fighters in a while due to horrendous online lag that I get most of the time. I play umvc3, skullgirls, and mk9 - I have ssf4ae and tkvsf but I havent played those two much. Im really looking for someone to actually teach/train me in ae more than anything since its been out for so long.


Yeah man I feel you I main dudely in AE and that lag kills my combos. I could train you in AE I’m not the greatest but I can teach you some fundementals if thats what your asking. As for the games I play mostly just AE(Dudely,Bison) but I also play umvc3(Super Skrull) and 3rd strike(Urien).I’m not limited to those fighters though I actually want to try to play KOF and skullgirls them combos last years! I live pelham parkway so both of you guys are just a short skate away. I would host sessions at my crib but its a trust thing. I am free today n tomorrow so if yall want to meet up I’m down


I live near Pelham by the 6 or the 5 but I am closer to Bedford Park on the weekends. I could swing by on the weekends for a couple of hours

I play Balrog in AE mainly and second an ok Sagat/Sim and a horrible Yun.

I do want to get more into marvel but I am in remedial/basic mode on that now. wolverine/dorm/hawk/wesker


well of course i post this and 2 days later my schedule changes because thats life. sorry about that. monday is still good for me though during the day and i might be able to do weekends once in a while but i just totally narrowed down the time that i can host sessions so i know it will be way harder. if anyone is still intrested be sure to let me know. i do wanna get something going up here.


Krispy, are you on XBL? Add me @ TlFreeloader


ok im xbox3krisppy


home early and can host a session. not doing anything for the rest of the day so yea get at me if you wanna run games.


Sweet I’m down dude I added you on xbox live hmu


CvS2! You have PS2 sticks?


no i have ps2 rom and and arcade version rom. ive got the real ps2 version but no ps2 stick.


the ps2 rom is lost under all dat pr0n! if i had evil ryu things would have been different <_<. I will be able to host a session tomorrow early though from like 12-7. Bring some games if you can I dont have much variety I have Umvc3,AE,3s also bring your own 360 controller or stick unless you want to use my shitty gamestop one


yea im down, i’ll bring my stick and kof.


Just got back Im still able to host so hmu here or on xbox


my xbl is art of sol - Incoming friend request


good matches today. sorry i dipped out early but i dont possess the vocabulary to describe how hungry i was. definitely wanna do it again.


I’m at Evergreen/Watson (Elder ave being the closest station on the 6 train). My main games being UMvC3 and Skullgirls. I’ll add BB once I pick up Extend. I have no problem with playing any other games. I still have my copy of Alpha anthology if anyone’s interested in playing the Alpha games.


@Krisppy: Its cool dude I had to bounce in a few anyway next time we play kof first for sure. Any chance of you hosting this week?
@Solstar: Imma add you aswell get some ae games going on
@Hawkingbird: I wanted to get my hands on skullgirls for the longest I am looking for a 3rd main game n its a tie between kof n skull girls cerebella n pain wheel looking like too much fun.

Well I hope to see some of you at the next session so far its just been me n krisppy holding it down need new ppl to body :stuck_out_tongue:


The bronx needs a freakin scene lol I dont like troopin it to BK with my stick. I need offline casuals that arent an hour and a half away lol