Bronx, NY: Train Me!

I’m pretty much copying and pasting what I said in a previous thread.

I’m looking to get into Street Fighter IV competitively and I was hoping any of you guys who have invested much time and effort into the game is willing to help out a hopeful up-and-comer. I love fighting games and have been playing them all my life but this is the first time I’m trying to figure out the intricacies of the game and considering maybe someday going pro.

My PSN is: Spirals540

PS3 online is ass but I live in Queens so our connection should be fine to play some matches. I’m by no means pro but after watching EVO I’m in my SSF4 mode again so I’m down to play some sets.

I also play on 360 and PC if you have those. GT for all is BizzyBum. I main Ryu but dabble with Seth but I mainly want to practice my game with Ryu.

I know PSN isn’t the greatest but it’s all I have available. I’ll be sure to add you to play some sets and practice up. I want to main Juri and I also mess around with Dudley.