Brook converter issue with 2 converters simultaneously playing

A friend and I both have Brooks converters for our sticks, his for PS3>PS4, mine for X360>PS4, and they work wonderfully and are both updated. The issue is that when we tried to use them on the same console simultaneously, the PS4 seemed to be confused and unable to differentiate between them, thinking they were both the same controller. One of us would sign in under the main profile just fine, but when the 2nd player tried to sign in by pressing the home button, it would just assign the previous profile to that controller instead, taking away control from the first player. Anyone have this issue or know how to fix it? I’d greatly appreciate some responses :slight_smile:

This is not a Brook’s converter issue. It appears to be affecting all sticks after the PS4 3.50 update.

One solution is to login to one account then hold the home button, select switch account and pick another account.
Then connect the second device and it should let you login to the first account.

You have to sign in with your account, then what ever player 2 is, their own account or as guess before you plug in your 2nd controller.
Otherwise regardless of what controller you use the system will just switch accounts to another controller.

If it was up to me the system would promp what you want the controller to do when you connect to it and not automatically switch.

Gotcha, thank you so much guys!