Brook Converters Thread


@“GOGO.Zippy” I just got my X One Adapters from the kickstarter and I’m loving them, but why isn’t there an option to swap the View and Brook buttons when playing on PS4.

I’ve been using the old wired Xbox One to PS4 adapter for a while now, and it was really convenient to have the touchpad mapped to the Xbox One controller’s “View” button since it basically acts as that in most games anyway. Having to reach out of the way to hit the Brook button at the top of the controller is awkward in most situations, plus I don’t tend to use the PS4’s share feature so moving that button out of the way makes sense for me.

It would also then be consistent with how the Switch mode works, so that “View = PS4 Touch = Switch -”, and “Brook = PS4 Share = Switch Capture”


We already have beta file to change touch key as XB1 to PS4
on PS4 mode
Brook (or View) = TP key
View + Menu = Share
if you wanted to test beta file, I could share a link.


@“GOGO.Zippy” I’d love to test it! Having to use the Brook button for the touch pad is my only issue with it so far.



I managed to fix my issue. PS360+ PCB was connected via a 3 meters RJ45 to USB 2.0 A male cable when I had the issue.

I bought another cable that is USB 2.0 B to A male 1.8 meters… and this one worked!
I’m not sure if it’s the shorter length or different connectors, would be nice if someone having a 3m cable could test :slight_smile:

@Torta thanks for your cable change suggestion.


The thing that happened to you is a very common issue with PS360+ Boards. The board has a pretty high resistance in the USB Data lines, that makes the board not register properly under a long USB Cable…

Consider that you already have some wires from the board to your RJ45 Female connector, then add your 3m USB Cable and you get like 4m of wire which also have some resistance… i can’t remember the values correctly but that’s the main problem :frowning:


So are the white and yellow adapters compatible with the first Madcatz Tournament Edition?

Wich one is beeter for PS4 only use?


Both of Yellow and White can play with it.


edit: wrong thread. I apologize.


Hello. I’m having trouble opening up the neogeo update firmware file. It reports that it can’t open an index file.

I tried to open the file from three pcs. Also, I tried to open other brook firmware updaters and they are reporting the same issue about not opening a index file.

OK. Comcast might be blocking my access to the firmware update. I had to use my mobile hotspot to gain access to the program.


I have downloaded and updated the latest file from Brook website today.
It’s OK…Try again


I already was able to download the file. If I try to use the file while using my Comcast router, plugged or wirless, this happens:

Again, I had to use my mobile hotspot to get the file to actually work. I’m all good now. Thank you.


Hello Brook Team…

When will the X One Adapter be available to purchase ?

I’ve been using Arcade World here in the U.K, there is no mention of it on there website.

Can one be ordered directly from Brook ?

Thanks in advance !!


Thanksl you to like Brook X One Adapter.
Arcade World UK will sell X it in Jan /2018 soon.
Please keep in touch.


Hey guys - new here.

I have bought the Xbox One > PS4 Adapter, the pink one.

I have an wireless Xbox One controller (no cable comes with so using PS4 cabel). Can I use it with that?

I can play some games on my PS4, but the controller keeps reconnecting when i’m not using the controller - using completely new batteries aswell. Could it be the cabel, mayb get an xbox cabel? or is the Adapter simply not compatible “enough”

Thanks in advance!


I finished my latest mod. It is like using an undamned pcb wired to a controller as a legacy converter. I wired the brook NeoGeo converter to a ps360+. It allows ps3/ ps4 controllers to play on retro consoles like the Dreamcast, SNES, Saturn, PSX, og Xbox, and 360. Along with the ps3 and ps4, I guess. It works with the Mc Cthulhu and the Brook UFB.

The brook NeoGeo adapter is using its original firmware in order to have 6 different buttons on the stick. I learned the hard way that the updated firmware does not have the kick buttons.

Each time the converter is plugged in a console, the kick 1 button is mapped to L1. Luckily, it is the only button that needs to remapped with the adapter’s configuration setting.


Arcade World UK will sell X One Adapter in Jan /2018 soon.
Please keep

The ADZ Distribution in UK have Brook X One Adapter.



I’ve just got a controller with the Dual Strike PS3+PC PCB but I can’t get it to work with any Brook Converter (I have PS3/PS4 to PS3/PS4 and PS3/PS4 to XONE) - tried this both on PS4 and XONE. Is it a known issue or maybe there is a workaround? I tried setting up the PS3 mode in the PCB by default but it did not yield any new results. Note: I also fail to use it in Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V as a legacy controller (it is recognized by both games but no button works).



Thanks for the info but I have already ordered one from here, which has been dispatched :-

I’m really looking forward to checking it out… :slight_smile:


My X360/XB1 to Switch converter has been intermittently dropping out for a few frames at a time, releasing all my held buttons and returning the stick to neutral. I’m using an Xbox One Elite Controller, latest Switch firmware and latest converter firmware. A friend of mine ordered the same converter and has been having the same problem. Is this an issue with the latest firmware, or is the converter design just faulty? I’ve got a Brook PS4 to Xbox One converter that’s been working flawlessly for ages now, was hoping for the same kind of quality.



I received a PS4/PS3 to PS2 converter as part of my Secret Santa this year; and I’m really pleased with it. Just wanted to pass along my praise of the converter; it was also really simple to update too!