Brook Converters Thread


I have an Xbox 360/One to PS4 converter updated to the newest tournament edition firmware. Using my stick in XBone mode has the RB button showing up as L1, and LB showing as R1. If I’m in 360 mode, RB is R1 and LB is L1 like you’d expect.

It’s a minor inconvenience for me, but I imagine there are people with Xbox One only controllers/sticks out there.



@"Hustle Kong"
I will test it in Xbox one mode and give a reply.


Hello there, just bought the PS3 to PS4 converter(The white one) for my Hori PS3 Soul Calibur V stick, and I can’t seem to get it to work at all for PS4 or PC. The PC recognizes the adapter, but won’t see the stick if I plug it in through there.(It recognizes the stick normally and functions fine on pc if I just plug it in without the adapter.) I read through the instructions several times and I am wondering if there was anything I missed? Thank you.



So I tried a total of 3 adapters. With new firmware and without. Same issue. Madcatz TES stick connected directly to the Nintendo Switch through an OTG cable provides a flashing green light and does not connect.

If I buy a Brook’s Universal PCB, will it work connected directly to the Nintendo Switch using an OTG cable in portable mode?

Can someone test this out? Thank you.


Sadly, that’s one of the incompatible sticks for this converter:


@Hustle Kong Ah I see, thank you.



I guess the Universal PCB will be my only route … but i didn’t want to solder. Dont have the parts or the location to do it.


Having a very odd issue involving the Brook XB1->PS3/PS4 adapter on pc. After the latest SFV update, the game’s fps drops from 60 to 45 whenever I plug in the adaptor and my razer atrox. Removing the adapter brings the fps right back up to 60. I’m not sure why this is happening, since this adaptor/razer atrox setup has always been working perfectly before the latest SFVAE update. Any suggestions?


Last week I experienced joystick failure after installing 2lb spring in MadCatz TE. My friend has the same fightstick and allowed me to borrow it so I could narrow down the issue. After swapping out the joystick I determined it was the PCB that was the cause of the issue. He told me I could borrow it to play Dragonball Fighterz.

Today I decided to swap out the spring in my friends fightstick and now the joystick stopped working.
I didn’t unplug any of the connectors on joystick or PCB when installing the spring because the cables are long enough to open the lid without tugging on the cables.
I didn’t come into contact with PCB while installing the spring.
I’ve made sure that all connectors on the joystick and PCB are firmly attached.
I tested the joystick with a multimeter and it has continuity in all directions
I download Display Fightstick Motion on my computer and connected the fightstick without the brook converter. The software picks up the button inputs but nothing from the joystick.

I’m completely lost in what might be causing this.

Has anyone experienced this?

Thanks for reading.


@"Hustle Kong"
I updated the latest tournament version and tested with 360 & Xbox controller & Brook UFB , the results are the same.
4P=L1=LB / 3P=R1=RB / 4K=L2 = LT / 3K=R2 = RT.

Please click compatible controller icon to enable and try again.


Your converter is Red converter (PS3/4 to XB1), is it correct ?


It’s the pink (XB1 to PS4) converter.


Has anybody found a way to use the Switch Hori RAP V on an Xbox one? I was hoping that there might be a brooks converter for PC (XInput) -> Xbone, that might work with the switch stick in PC mode, but I haven’t been able to find anything about it. I’ve emailed brooks and I’m waiting on a response from them, but hoping somebody might have put some thought into this or figured it out already. Then again, I may be the only person with that stick at this point, who knows =p


I have the PS3->PS4 Brooks converter, updated it to the most recent FW (v2.2) on the website, but my stick doesn’t seem to be recognized by my PS4. I’m using a first generation Madcatz SF4 TE stick which appears to be on the supported compatibility list.

@“GOGO.Zippy” is there anything I can provide to help troubleshoot this? Are there debug logs or something I can get from the converter that can help determine what might be the issue?


Do you use this converter on PS4 Pro?
If yes, please connect a usb cable between PS4 Pro and Converter in the front of USB.
Or in the back of USB directly.


So I updated the tournament edition firmware again on the Xbox 360/One to PS4 controller on your downloads page clicking the box to update controller compatibility, and I the same error is happening in Xbox one mode (RB registering as L1 and LB registering as R1).


I just tried my Xbox one elite controller. THAT works fine. But the Hori Tekken 7 joystick is the one that this weird glitch happens on, if that helps.


Yes, I have a Pro. I tried connecting directly in the rear USB slot and no change, the stick isn’t recognized.


Hey guys my apologies if this has been addressed before. Does anyone know if the PS3/PS4 to PS3/PS4 (the yellow one) will allow me to use my BLK-VLX on my PSTV? A new update just blew up my old converter fix for this issue. thanks for your time


Brook converter don’t support on PSTV