Brook Converters Thread


Thank you for your prompt response @“GOGO.Zippy”


Should a PS4 Pro USB extension for a Brooks Converter be USB 2.0 or 3.0?


They are ok for Brook Converter


@“GOGO.Zippy” - Is the version 1.20 firmware for the Brook Xbox One Adapter the same as the beta I’m currently running, do I need to update ?


Thanks Zippy!


Hi guys,
I have a mad Catz tournament edition soul edition fightstick for the X360 that I use on my PC. I wanted to get the brooks super converter from x360 to ps4. I wanted to know if my fightstick is compatible as we don’t get them here in Australia and I have to ship it from Amazon US.

Someone on this thread asked the same question but a brook engineer sent them a private message so I don’t know if that fightstick will work or not.


Yes…they are the same.


Is there ever any plans for PS4/PS3 converter to Dreamcast or Sega Saturn? Or is this too niche?




So Mayflash has a converter out. On one hand, it works with more devices, on the other hand, it’s Mayflash. Does anyone know anything about this? In particular, input lag?


With the new Dragonball FighterZ patch that came out this week, my converter(the ps3&4 to ps3&4 yellow one)has not been working properly. It fails after. Few mins.

So I went to the brooks website to download the update. However they do not have any available for macs which I only have. So how am I supposed to update without a PC?

Will there be a Mac update coming soon?

Is there a way to use the PC version on Mac?

Does GameStop update brooks converters for a price?


Best bet is to either wait for Brook or contact them to get it. Gamestop doesn’t do anything with them to my knowledge. Maybe you can go to a buddy’s house and use the pc to update?


Thanks front the help.
I contacted them and I’m waiting to hear back. Hopefully soon.
I know a guy with a PC, and he may be able to help but it’s unlikely. Perhaps the library.


Yeah the update is super small. You only need the converter and not the controller too to do the update. Well that at least that was the case with my X360/XBONE to PS4 adapter.


I went to the Library this morning. It did not work because of their settings. So i’ts all good, i’ll just have to wait.


Rent-a-center? Rent a computer for like $10 for the week lol


It’s always something. The Mac update came out yesterday and I downloaded and ran it, but it still doesn’t work.
Every time I do it says: Timout (wait LDROM)
then it says update finished successfully but it still doesn’t work.

The converter won’t even light up when I plug it into the computer usp port.


You should contact costumer support. That doesn’t sound good at all.


So FINALLY Brook is bringing out a PS3/4 to Dreamcast converter! I’m so stoked I ordered two of them! I can’t wait! I messaged them and asked them about it and never got a response. Lo and behold here it is! Great job Brook! I can’t wait to review mine!! I just ordered KOF 99 on Dreamcast to celebrate!!


Cool. Just be aware that if you have your Dreamcast connected via VGA you’ll have problems with video output with KoF99. Some games don’t play nice with vga, and can’t be tricked into the proper mode.
Edit: I sent a message this morning about the possibility of making and releasing a similar converter for Sega Saturn. Here’s the response I just got. There’s hope!:
”Thanks for writing.
Brook keeps searching for every opportunity to make new and good product.
Your idea is great, we will evaluate the possibility for that.

Victor Ou Yang
Brook Design LLC”