Brook Converters Thread


I play my Dreamcast on my HDTV with a RCA to HDMI converter I bought off I’m looking on Craiglist every once in a while for a legit CRT TV I can buy for it. They are hard to come by at a decent price these days. Hopefully one day I’ll catch one!


You guys take a look at the Akura by behar bros?


Given that the lag on the PS2 converter appears to be completely invisible, I’m actually starting to wonder if there’s a point to going ahead with this MC Cthulhu dual mod - the only console I’d really need to use the Cthulhu for is my Wii.

Wouldn’t it make sense for Brook to make their own universal retro board? Cthulhus are hard to obtain cheaply now, they could make a breakout board to replace ethernet neutriks and intergrate some kind of auto-detection feature? I’d buy that.


It definitely would, but it seems they are going the way of the adapter route mostly, especially with the new Ps3/Ps4 to Dreamcast adapter.


Akura is great! I’ve moved onto a Toro+OSSC setup, but the Akura served me really well. Just note that it pulls output from VGA, and even on the product page it states that some non-VGA games will still be incompatible (despite having a RGB/VGA toggle switch). KoF99 is one of those games (hence why I got a Toro and an upscaler)

Check the list a few posts down in this thread:


$25 (+shipping) and in stock.

I feel that a significant chunk of people in the retro gaming community who seek to use an arcade stick have been sourcing original console stick hardware (I know I have). I’m thinking much of the rest have just stuck with pads, or turned to emulation—which allows for using current USB based stick hardware. The perceived lack of interest in the stick modding scene for old consoles is a bit disheartening.


Oh, I have two Jasen’s Cthulhus waiting to be paired with Brook UFBs ready, but the MCC is dead in development and it still doesn’t cover obvious use cases like Mega Drive or the Wii. I could see a Brook retro board making some serious leaps.


I was thinking on using an Undamned USB Decoder to mc cthulhu to use my fight sticks of new on games of old. It also future proofs it if I use a common ground PCBs for future game systems.


You can get a common ground third party genesis pad easily and for cheap. As for wii well… You could use the GC part of the MCC or pad a third party Classic Contoller pro.


Or these…


Hi everyone.

I have the PS3/PS4 to Switch Edition brook converter. I updated it to the latest firmware (V1.0.5)

Now when i try to use it in my switch dock it crashes the switch after a few seconds.

I keep getting the following:

error code: 2011-0301

(X1) XAJ70003135023
(X2) 5.0.0

Has this happened to anyone else?


At least you somehow got the switch to respond with something in the converter. Mine cant do shit at all and im stuck using the Wii U standard firmware for it to work…


Unfortunately, to those who are getting the PS3/PS4 to Dreamcast converter, it has no VMU support (that means no unlockables in Marvel vs. Capcom 2). So, I found two ways –

  1. Get an Agetec arcade stick as the first player controller and use the PS3/PS4 arcade stick with the PS3/PS4 to Dreamcast converter as the second player controller.
  2. …or use a GameShark to unlock all the characters in Marvel vs. Capcom 2.


So using a VMU in a second controller won’t work?


Actually, I was talking about that PS3/PS4 to Dreamcast converter has no VMU support, so one of my advices is that you have to buy an Agetec arcade stick with the VMU inserted as the first player controller and use the PS3/PS4 arcade stick with the PS3/PS4 to Dreamcast converter as the second player controller…


@MrHadouken You can use any Dreamcast controller with a VMU unit in it and just load it from there. It doesn’t have to be an Agetec stick. and it can go in 1P slot or 2P or 3P, etc. I do it now with a Qanba Q1 I converted into a Dreamcast stick with the MC Cthulhu board. I have a second controller in 2P slot with the VMU in it.


I was talking about the upcoming PS3/PS4 to Dreamcast converter made by Brook…


Varmintbaby is saying you can have ANY controller with a VMU slot in ANY of the controller ports and load your save file from that controller.

Player 1 and player 2 can use any stick or even the brook adapter, while player 1 can load the save file from the player 3 Dreamcast controller with the VMU.

You can do this in most games.


Just did a quick test with MGS3 since I can’t find this information anywhere - the converter registers pressure sensitivity on Dual Shock 3 controllers correctly. Very cool of Brook to include IMO.


Hey so I was trying to use the PS4/PS3 to PS4/PS3 adapter with my 2017 Hori Fighting Edge on my PS3 and it was won’t work, I updated it to the latest firmware and nothin’. Anyone know what I’m missing?


I dont think its on the compatibility list yet