Brook Converters Thread



was just trying to make my money go a bit further.

like I said, the converters were primarily bought to be able to use my six axis sticks on og xbox & ps2

but since I had etokki ps2 to ps3 converters I though I would chain them for ps4 to ps3, save me like $100 for buying 2 of the yellow ones

but that’s what I did, I ordered the 2 yellow ones and kept the oter ones just for ps2 and xbox


Just got 2 brooks yellow PS3/4 converters, I think one maybe DOA, does not light up.

Any ideas?


I just got the X One Super Converter for my Xbox One controller and I am unsure of how the touchpad emulation works. Can someone please elaborate on the matter?


@Brook_Engineer @GOGO.Zippy I tried to update the firmware on my PS3/PS4 to Switch (it was originally PS3/PS4 to WiiU) converter and…



@Brook_Engineer @gogo.zippy My Brook PS3/4 to PS2 adapter presses the Start button by itself every few min (maybe 5-10). I tried with two different sticks (Mad Catz TE2+ and Hori RAP V Silent). I just left my stick alone and watched and after a few minutes the menu for the game comes up like the converter just sends the Start button command for no reason. I tried updating the firmware a few weeks ago but no difference. Any ideas?


Did you try putting your sticks in PS3 mode? We were having a similar problem, but once the mode was switched, it went away.


That seems to fix the issue. Thanks. I hope a proper firmware update is released though since the PS4 mode on at least the TE2+ has less input lag according to tests.


Hi, I’m new to this forum so I don’t know how it works but I have an important question.
I have an homemade arcade stick that works only on pc. If I want to use it with PS4 which brook converter should I buy?


The converters are for console-to-console conversion since people typically buy console controllers, and 7th-8th gen controllers already work on PC. What are the details of your controllers circuit board?


Can someone please help me setup the xbox 360/x1 to pS4 brooks converter to make my X1 TE2 stick work on win 10 PC? I’ve googled,you tubed,and nothing comes up for this specific setup.


How’s the Brook Switch converters? Any impressions? I want a PS3/4 to Switch converter to use my stick on BB Cross Tag.


Mt ps3/ps4 to switch converter works perfectly. Tip the ps3/ps4 to wii u converter will also work for switch. Get whatever is cheaper or color preference


The difference between PS3 mode and PS4 mode as far as input lag goes it hardly discernable to a human being. We’re talking milliseconds here. Know how fast a millisecond is? A frame in a 60fps game is 16-17 milliseconds. Say the number 1 out loud. That was a second. There’s 1000 milliseconds in that second. You won’t notice any difference when playing your fighting games so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. You’ll still hit your combos with the same cadence as usual and get your punishes, etc.


Hello, I have an xbox360/ps4 light green adapter just sent from play asia. I already update the adapter with newest firmware from the website, but my ps4 still doesn’t recognize my xbox 360 controler.
Nothing happens. The controller turns on when I plug in, but it doesn’t work.
Please help. Thank you.


@wallyllama Is it an official xbox 360 controller? wireless ver?


Both. I have an arcade stick. And a wireless controller. Thank you.


I’m curious: what’s the difference in milliseconds…?


What brand is your arcade stick? I believe you need an actual wired controller for it to work not play and charge kit so it doesn’t support wireless controller.


Please don’t joke with this. It’s a hori comander wired to arcade stick. So I can plan 360/ONE.
I shaw people playing with their wireless controllers. Thank you with this, man.


There’s a switch on that controller that change between xbox one and 360 and look at your previous comment you only have the 360 > PS4 converter.There is two green converter(360 to Ps4 and 360/one to ps4) If that still doesn’t work, try message @GOGO.ZIPPY to add compatibility.