Brook Converters Thread


Your mean :: LETS SWITCH PRO CONTROLLER TO PLAY WITH PS4 or Xbox One, correct?


it seem this is the controller that @wallyllama has. I meant the toggle switch.


Thats the one, man. Let me try it.


Hello man, Is it really true what SephirothRK said, that the wireless xbox 360 controller plugged vía play and charge cable is not supported by brook adapters?

Thank you, man.


@GOGO.Zippy Is there a chance that there will be a compatability update for the Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS One for Xbox One work on PS4?


Hello. Need help. So my PS2 to PS4 brook controller is no longer working on the PS4 even after the update. Did anyone of you experience the same issue? The converter works on PC but not on PS4. i did update the firmware.




@vandutch Which games do you use Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS One on PS4?


Did it work? How did you get it working?


yea bro I just updated it again. I believe my issue stemmed from using my stick with converter on PC initially forgetting the stick was already compatible I believe that was the cause. So when I got back on ps4 it wasnt working.


So just download the firmware update from Brook and update it again?


Yea worked for me pray u get up n running again


elite dangerous and war thunder.


Searched the site and can’t find confirmation if the white Brook PS3 > PS4 Super Converter works on a stock HORI OG VLX RAP 3, PS3 to PS4.


Hello guys,

Hope some one can help me with this issue:

Currently im using the Madcatz TE2 xbox one (black and red one) on PC with Street Fighter 5, but i can only use 6 buttons as most of us know Microsoft refuses to update drivers so i can use the RT and LT triggers.

So i scourged the internet for possible solutions and found a potential semi solution in form of this Brook converter i think its this one that is compatible with my stick (hope so) with Windows 10:

brook super converter: xbox 360 to xbox one usb adapter

Can some one verify this will work with my Madcatz TE2 xbox one stick on W10 with FULL usage of 8 buttons and what about the input lag?

Thanks in advance help is much appreciated!


The red one, right? It works.


Thx for the reply,

You mean Red as from the Stick i use yes Madcatz TE2 xbox one (red and black color theme):

Will use it on Windows 10 pc. Any input lag with the converter?


Sorry, I was referring to the red Hori VLX for ps3 from @djdigi’s post.

If your stick is for xbox one, you probably need an xbox one to ps4 converter to do what you want it to (no idea if there’s an easier way, I’ve no experience with that stick). Do not get the 360 to XB1 converter, that’s guaranteed not to work.


Yep! Thanks :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reply.

If its not to much to ask can you provide a link to which version i should take that works on my stick to pc since there are a couple versions of the brook super converter (pink, white, black etc) i don’t want to f**k things up.