Brook Converters Thread


Your mean :: LETS SWITCH PRO CONTROLLER TO PLAY WITH PS4 or Xbox One, correct?


it seem this is the controller that @wallyllama has. I meant the toggle switch.


Thats the one, man. Let me try it.


Hello man, Is it really true what SephirothRK said, that the wireless xbox 360 controller plugged vía play and charge cable is not supported by brook adapters?

Thank you, man.


@GOGO.Zippy Is there a chance that there will be a compatability update for the Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS One for Xbox One work on PS4?


Hello. Need help. So my PS2 to PS4 brook controller is no longer working on the PS4 even after the update. Did anyone of you experience the same issue? The converter works on PC but not on PS4. i did update the firmware.


Same here it’s no longer worker on my ps4 since the 6.00 psn update