Brook Converters Thread


Do you know if the turbo button still works when you’re using ps4? Thx


The pink one is the one I was referring to:

Good luck, if that’s the route you go. I’m very surprised that nobody’s come up with the driver for the TE2 for the PC, given that the TE2s were so popular.


I have bought a PS3 -> Dreamcast but the buttons are all messed up. When I press A it is A+C, same for X (X+C). I tried cleaning button assignment but it did not work.


Maybe you’re using a wheel mode or something? Try installing firmware updates for the brook converter… also which controller are you using?


I already updated the firmware. The converter is working fine with Dualshock 4.

I am using a Razer Atrox dual modded with Cerberus. Maybe there is an incompatibility with dual modded sticks or with cerberus pcb itself


i’d try updating the firmware on cerberus and trying both ps3 and ps4 modes of the cerberus pcb :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link i am contemplating whether i go with this converter or…mod my stick with Brook universal pcb EZ mod at least i can use it on various platforms including pc and ps4 its just the hefty investment with the pcb mod already invested in this stick plus 7 additional joysticks (hayabusa, ls-32, ls-40, ls-58, jlf, jlf silent etc) thinking i could play on pc…yeah what a surprise.

Microsoft = a bunch of pricks and little sneaky spies ie w10= full of spyware utilities.


it didn’t work. I updated cerberus to v1.10 and it didn’t work on any mode.


Cerberus: Unleash the hellhound in your arcade stick latest is 1.21 and i’m pretty sure that only you can find this info on SRK Tech Talk :frowning:

Try updating just in case… i informed one of brook guys on facebook about your issue :slight_smile:


Why does Brook pretend that you can update their firmware on a mac? Has anyone ever gotten it to actually work? Is there some trick that’s escaping me?


I got myself a X360/One -> PS4 converter for my ps360+ stick seeing that it was compatible from brook’s product page. Coming home trying to get it to work on my pc and no dice. Even when forcing the x360 mode.

I updated the firmware, got the latest version for the ps360+ but nothing :frowning:. Anyone got some luck getting it to work? Can’t try it on a PS4 until tomorrow, but I’m not really optimistic about it.


Do you have a long USB Cable in your ps360+? Try a shorter one and force the xbox360 mode (cant remember if 2P or 2P+2K)


Thanks for the help, I completely forgot to update. My cable was faulty, switching it to a slightly shorter one fixed the issue. No need to force the xbox mode on PC, I have yet to try it on a ps4.


My yellow brook converter (ps3<->ps4) just died. It is not even being recognised on PC



I am currently setting up a PS2 slim system (to play Hokuto no Ken mostly : P) and I wonder if my custom arcade stick could be plugged in to the PS2 slim with the brook’s “PS3/PS4 to PS2 super converter”.

My custom arcade stick came with a circuit board that allows XBOX360, PS3 and PC compatibility, however I don’t know the model of the board as I did not built the stick myself. It was built in june 2012.

I have been using it on all 3 systems for years and everything works as intended. I can also play SFV on PS4 via the options menu that allows to connect an “old PS3 controller”, when it’s recognized, everything works like a charm.

Anybody could help me before I purchase this converter? (I don’t mind the price at all but I’d rather know beforehand if it’s going to work : )



how well do ps4 to switch converters work?


Hi I have a white PS3 to PS4 converter, I’m trying to get my PS3 Madcatz TES Chun Li stick to work. I downloaded the recent patch V2.31 and everytime I try to make my stick compatible it right away gives me a message not responding.


Finally I got a Panthera to test on my PS3/4->DC converter.
It’s working =)
I will try with a brook universal later


anyone know what to do if you try to update your converters firmware and you get an error that states ERROR (in findUSB) VIDPID uknow?


I’ve just gotten that error, but I’m pretty sure I have the latest firware update already.

In unrelated news, I’m having a hard time getting my Toodles Cthulhu MC working on my Nintendo Switch with the adaptor, even though it’s listed in the compatible devices list on the Brook website.