Brook Converters Thread


I just recently got the Switch adaptor and when updating the FW I saw the same error and figured out that I needed to have a controller plugged in. I used a DS4.

Also I tested one of my Cthulhu boards last night and it worked on the Switch adaptor. I did need to make sure that Pro wired mode was enabled on the Switch.



The Pro wired mode is on, as it works for my Xbox controllers (360 and One), but I can’t seem to get my stick to work properly. I suspect I’m not pressing the correct buttons correctly to pair it correctly, since I’m not sure which buttons counts as L1/LB, but I’ve tried the obvious ones unsuccesfully. Did you do anything special to get it working?



I didn’t need to press any buttons while plugging in, but I did have to first initialize using another controller (i.e. Joycons, or Pro), then go to Controller settings -> Change grip options. Once there press A several times until the your stick shows up as a Pro. This is what I’ve had to do with all devices being plugged into the brook adapter though.



Thanks for your response. Sadly, it still doesn’t work for me, maybe because it’s the Xbox version instead of the Playstation one, even if it’s on the compatible controllers list. I’ll see what tech support has to say, and maybe I’ll try to get a refund for it and switch to the PS model.



Oh didn’t realize you had the Xbox version. I have the PS version, so the adapter recognizes the PS3 mode. The Cthulhu has support for the original Xbox, but not 360 or Xbox One. Not sure if that’s where the confusion may be.



I got an email from tech support, and they’ve actually helped with the VIDPID error. Turning off Steam actually made it possible to update the firmware, so hopefully that helps out a few people.

Sadly, my stick still doesn’t work. I’ll try to return it and swap it for a PS model.



So I got the PS version, and the Toodles works great.

In case any one is wondering, Logitech controllers don’t seem to work with either converter. I’ve tested the Dual Action and the F310 in both Direct Input and XInput modes, and nothing worked.



Is the Yellow ps3/ps4 to ps3/ps4 the “correct” one to use ds4 on pc? Also, is it better than sony wireless adaptor?



That adapter is used for a Ps3 stick on Ps4 or a Ps4 stick on Ps3. Not really meant for PC. Your best luck is the Wireless Sony adapter, as that is an official product made for that purpose.



Hi dudes,

Feel like I’m going out of my mind but am convinced I’m doing something wrong.

I have the red PS4 to XBONE adapter and I’m trying to update. But when I plug it in and try to go to ‘update mode’ it does nothing.

Do you have to use a wired controller for this to work? Or am I just doing something wrong?



@GOGO.Zippy I was curious, could there be an additional button layout added to the Brook PS3/4 to Neo Geo adapter for a Samurai Shodown-friendly layout? Something that would produce
On an arcade stick, where X is A, square is B, triangle is C, and D is both R1 and O? I don’t know if the latest firmware update allows any kind of button remapping, but when we were trying to run Samurai Shodown at a recent event none of the built-in layouts are particularly suited to it.



This converter allows you to do a button remap function, please look at