Brook Dreamcast ps3/ps4 converter pauses & disconnects when plugged


Good day everyone i am new here. I just bought 2 brandnew Brook dreamcast converters. It works flawlessly when 1 brook is plugged in. However if I plug in the 2nd brook it will sometimes become unresponsive., even if it works for like 5 mins, both controllers will be unresponsive then function again repeatedly then controller will prompt disconnected. I have updated both Brook and tried several sticks but still same results. But if i use 1 brook and 1 original dreamcast controller it works flawlessly. What could be the problem?

Have you tried on another Dreamcast?

The Dreamcast is notorious for not having great power management when it comes to its controller ports. Maybe having two converters and whatever you’re plugging into them is just borderline of what the console can provide.

nope unfortunately i only have 1 dreamcast

I played on the Dreamcast yesterday with someone and we both used those same converters and everything ran pretty smooth.