Brook PS3/PS4 Breakout Paradise help Newbie with connection


Hello there i’m making my own Arcade (Stickless) fighting board and i’m almost new to wiring
i got this PCB from paradise arcade i tried to contact them but i got error
How do i connect this thing ? i mean if i connected USB_PS360 Does it to recognize as PS3 or 360 controller ?


You will need to use the larger Type B plug


Thanks ,
is one Ground line Enough ? remember (stickless arcade)


For the buttons? Yeah, just chain your grounds together


included Start and Select ?


it didn’t recognize in my computer :frowning: However it did recognized in other computer
also i didn’t get Neutral when i press B+F :frowning:
i connect Ground next to the up,down, left, and right ?
is Home button should be connected ?


Yes you should connect home button as you need it for firmware updates. Update firmware first then test again.
Also it shouldnt matter with ground you pick as the board is common ground.