Brook PS3/PS4 "Fightboard" PCB Thread

Hey Everyone,

Brook just announced a new 40mm x 40mm Square PCB called the “Fight Board”. Myself and few SRK tech talk members had some early access to the board and have been testing it for the past few weeks. With the help of our feedback they are ready for retail production and will be available through Brook’s retail channels worldwide later this month (November 2015) at around $40 (US).


  • Auto detects PS3 and PS4
  • No 8 Minute Timeout on PS4
  • SOCD Cleaner
  • Firmware Updatable
  • Optional Access to Turbo, Analog Controls (via firmware Update), TouchPad & Touchpad button, & LEDs.
  • Common Ground

*One thing to note is that It requires soldering to access the inputs and does not come with screw terminals. So break out those irons…

As far as initial performance goes myself and @wazwuz have found the board to perform slightly faster or atleast equal to a FC4 pad hacked board. We will be testing further and with more detail when the retail firmware is available.

Brook via @“gogo.zippy” will be closely monitoring this thread throughout its initial release and as always will be available for questions and feedback.

Confirmed Availability:

Paradise Arcade Shop
Videogames New York
Focus Attack (Coming In December)

SE Asia via Indonesia:
ArcadeStick Indonesia

*Will Update this post as more vendors make this product available.

Latest Firmware V11 *Includes fix for PS4 3.11 Update.


Looks promising, sure hope they make a screw terminal version down the road.

stay tuned…

I’d buy a couple.

Please keep more stock than the 360 to PS4 converter had.

I may tri-mod some sticks now that this is an option.

Dreams do come true.

I really want to get my hands on one. It probably isn’t possible but is there a way to turn Touch Pad button into Select when in PS3 mode in a future firmware update?

This looks really promising. Anyone tried with a Vita TV yet? Need to make my dedicated Umvc3/remote play stick :slight_smile:

@jonyfraze and @GOGO.Zippy

also interested in a screw in terminal(not all of us can solder :bawling: )

@ThrowYou please look input lag testing

@wazwuz capture a video VS FC4

I like how there seems to be about anything you’d possibly need including L3/R3 on a small 40x40mm footprint.
I take it M1/M2 are differential pairs, probably necessary once future firmware revisions enable analogue inputs?
edit: Nevermind, The wiring diagram over at the ps4 third party hack options thread clearly shows a pair of motors attached; question answered.

Also: Forgive my ignorance, but what kind of games require a turbo mode/button in 2015?

Although It’s difficult to maintain in future. But we can make a customize version on analogous inputs…

I guess one other question that no one has asked.

Does this board have soldering points for a headset jack?

This times a thousand, I personally have no use for the Share function, so having a button that is Select on PS3 and Touchpad button on PS4 would be wonderful

@"Missing Person"
Not support headphone function

I’ve been toying with the idea of making a PS4 arcade cabinet in the future, and would love to not have to buy a couple sticks just for their pcbs or do a difficult pad hack. This looks right up my alley.

Does this have 5v for powered joysticks?

Sign me up for 2

Do PCB’s need anything special to wire up the start + back/share buttons to act as a PS/home button or it’s just simple wiring? :expressionless: