Brook PS4+ Audio Fighting Board Thread


proud of you Zippy & the rest of the brook team :slight_smile:

always bringing better products for us to use , cant wait


This is awesome!!! I will buy for sure.

Any reason why this can’t be the new UFB ? or is it only going to be PS3/PS4/PC ?
Any release date hinted?




Question for the Brook guys: do you have an ETA for the board? I will eventually need an other or two UFB soon, and I was wondering if I could wait for this one.


its nice but is there chance upgrade my old UFB?


Hi! Is this board supports DirectInput too? (for ex. attach to a PC in PS3 mode?)


Forced PS3 mode from the UFB is intact


Thanks. Then I need this for the best compatibility upon release.

This will be a solution for

every dinput game

SFV - xinput only

DOA - right analog camera stick (maybe xinput only)

Killer Instinct - Xinput, Win 10

I will build a new arcade stick with PSP sticks in addition.


When is this scheduled for release? I need it yesterday… LOL



Next Year…


Ok, thanks for the update. I guess I will install a chimp in my new stick, while I wait for the board with sound, then!


@GOGO.Zippy is this board going to be the UFB or do you have plans to release a new version of that product line?


This will most likely replace the PS3/PS4 Fighting Board, not the UFB.


Seems kinda silly, since in appearance it is essentially the same card as the UFB. Regardless, it is very cool and I hope they provide other consoles via a flash update.


@mrhappydude @jopamo
New product line not replace anything…


Will production stop on the current board? I do like the current form factor of the current board for more discrete installs in fightpads and such


Hey everyone just got word that Brook is aiming for a tentative March 2017 release date they’ve already made some tweaks based on our feedback.


keep in mind that the price point will be different too based on console compatibility.


Don’t worry ~ The current board kept doing .


I am ok paying whatever like $199CAD, but I would really like to see all console coverage.