Brook PS4+ Audio Fighting Board Thread


Dawwww, that’s what i wanted and I already bought a brook!

No chance of a firmware update that adds this to old ones and just soldering on the audio jack?

Didn’t look at the old board to see if it was possible.

Probably not buying a new one if it’s not possible anyway, because I’m happy with it as is and I can just use discord for chatting.


The Jack phone is a nice touch especially for the SFV lobby on PS4.
I also see that all the connectors are now 2.5mm spacing? and no more USB-B but micro USB.

But why no Xone like the Universal one?


If this is a replacement for the ps3/4 board im guessing 50 $ -ish.
Maybe the ufb will get a “sound” version aswell eventually


Still no USB screw terminals : (


Thanks your idea.
We will use another board to support USB port and headset phone then connect with new fighting board


It would also be a good idea to label to usb solderpoints. Unless theyre labeled on the underside…


@Dubon and all
This board isn’t finally…


I did like the old form factor, was a nice and compact fit for my sticks, especially since there are a handful of other boards in there, or the buttons take a ton of space (OBS-Ms). Still looks like some really cool stuff, would love to get one of these and work in some of the mic boards I have on my SEs.


If i could i’d like to add an onboard USB Switch (like Cerberus or ChimpSMD) For dualmodding xbox360 sticks :slight_smile:


Ho yeah! Would be nice! Like that we can reuse the emplacement on the Madcatz TE/SE stick! :slight_smile:


This “J15 : Enable/Disable SOCD function” makes it worth looking at. SOCD hurts me so much on a hitbox. I would have liked to have had an option for Asynchronous SOCD as well, but being able to disable it should help greatly.


proud of you Zippy & the rest of the brook team :slight_smile:

always bringing better products for us to use , cant wait


This is awesome!!! I will buy for sure.

Any reason why this can’t be the new UFB ? or is it only going to be PS3/PS4/PC ?
Any release date hinted?




Question for the Brook guys: do you have an ETA for the board? I will eventually need an other or two UFB soon, and I was wondering if I could wait for this one.


its nice but is there chance upgrade my old UFB?


Hi! Is this board supports DirectInput too? (for ex. attach to a PC in PS3 mode?)


Forced PS3 mode from the UFB is intact


Thanks. Then I need this for the best compatibility upon release.

This will be a solution for

every dinput game

SFV - xinput only

DOA - right analog camera stick (maybe xinput only)

Killer Instinct - Xinput, Win 10

I will build a new arcade stick with PSP sticks in addition.


When is this scheduled for release? I need it yesterday… LOL