Brook PS4+ Audio Fighting Board Thread


te2 control panel have 14 pin … i think the first (from left) is Home (PS) and the last is the ground … i’m not shure about that


Lock/Unlock isn’t a button.
its supposed to be a On/Off switch

The ground for Start and Select is routed though that switch

Thats why on a TE you have Ground and KGnd (Start/ Select)


How do I turn off the SOCD or whatever makes some of my inputs weird like I’m doing sonic booms without letting go of back direction and just hitting forward punch?


You have to add the jumper to the socd gnd header. At least on the micro usb version of the board.


It’s the same on the USB B version. The PCB should come with a jumper in the package to put on there…


For what ever reason moving that jumper to the socd header caused my controller to backdash on ps4. I put one of the .110 quick connects onto the j5 header and problem solved. Haha


@GOGO.Zippy can you please explain item#2 for the latest firmware.


  1. Fix 8 minutes time out problem for PS4 V5.5
  2. For analog input, hold down PS Key on plug-in, the Y axis input will be reversed.
  3. Other functions optimization


I was thinking about picking one of these up.
it would be for a HRAP Premium VLX x360 version.
If possible I would like to repurpose the harness thats already present.
Anyone have any suggestions how that would be? I have to double check but I believe its 26 pins.
Actually like this, but I’m just not interested in the full universal pcb,

So wondering if I could do my own breadboard and suggestions how to pop it onto the Ps4 fighting board or at worst case suggestions on a connector for the current harness and then wire the breadboard into screw down terminals.
at this rate Im guessing just a wire hardness is cheapest/fastest and call it a day.


Hey guys just put this PS4 audio in a stick of mine and it works great. However I plugged it into my PC and noticed there seem to be random inputs on the X-Y axis and rotation on the controller properties. Here’s a gif of it in action. Is this something anyone has seen before? Not sure what could be causing it.


Do you have a jumper on the j14 header?


I ended up putting the jumper on there last night and it fixed the issue. Having the jumper on there does that turn it analog mode? I was somewhat confused by the wording on it.


If anyone is interested here is some pictures of the custom control panel I put together with the brook touch-pad. Just waiting for the vinyl to cover it and I will post some pictures of the finished product.!AmYEnaHDgSLtgaV4jF2yUn-iYGk3Sg


I’ve decided to go with Art’s Tek-case, but I was wondering if I go with this over the UFB. This is cheaper with headset support whereas the UFB supports more hardware. But I don’t own a WiiU, Switch or Xbone.


@Superking If you don’t plan on ever playing on those 3 consoles you said you don’t own, the audio+ board is a fine converter. It works on PS4/3 and PC. Also, you could wait a little bit and brooks will be bringing out a PS4 board in the same form factor without the audio. So if you don’t care about plugging a mic/headset in, then just get that and it will be cheaper than the audio+ board.


Is it possible for me to force boot into ps3 mode?


Hold LP when you plug it in @TastyWhiff


@GOGO.Zippy A new feature request would be to have the touchpad become a mouse when in PC mode.


Some finished work to share… I came up with a design for a thumb stick button.
Also have the touch-pad installed (left of Player 2). Hopefully will have a video of it working soon.



Whoa, that stick is awesome! Is that 25 cent button functional or for looks? Great work!


Thanks, it is a functional button you can buy them here
Once I get this all hooked up I will post pictures/video of what the brook board can do in a arcade cabinet.