Brook PS4+ Audio Fighting Board Thread



I just got my Brook PS4+, it works wonderfully.

I still have to connect the USB/Audio breackout board because I’m a bit concerned on how to drill the hole in my Qanba Q4RAF.

I don’t know how I will make the board fit the hole and also fix it with screws since it has very little space between the top hole and the USB B connector. Is there anyone to give me tips on how you did it ? with the micro usb version it seemed to be way easier to install but with a lot less solid connector.


You just need to get small screws that fit and their accompanying nuts.


mrhappydude, where can i get LS and RS analog sticks that fit into a 24mm button hole without screws like the ones you have? Thanks


It will be extremely difficult to fit one into a 24mm shell, even with the 30mm I had to cut the button for it to fit. You may want to look at a psp thumbstick and attach it to the control panel with glue or something.

I had to make revisions to my initial design but version 2 worked very well.


mrhappydude. Thank you. I will try to improvise with these. Did you successfully get the regular joystick (DPAD) and these 2 analog sticks (LS and RS) to work simultaneously as on a PS4 controller with PS4+ board? I am trying to do this on a custom stick so i can play RPGs and FPSs with my custom stick.


Anyone here have issues with the PS4 connecting to their PS4+? I have a Jasen’s Customs Pro Cable kit hooked up to the USB-B output on the board and its receiving power but not being recognized by the PS4 when I hit the PS button. If I use the USB-B port on the breakout with headphone jack, it does recognize my stick. I had this problem in the past but it was fixed with a firmware update. I updated the firmware again but this time it didn’t solve the problem.

Any help is appreciated!


Yes, actually I made LS my main joystick and made a dpad button and RS button; I also have the touchpad working.


was anyone able to make the Mad Catz VS stick’s default audio socket work? any tips with the wiring ?


I’m having an issue where randomly the ps4 will recognise and ‘un-recognise’ the headphone socket on the board - its causing the sound to cut in an out when it happens.

i’m feeding through a neutrik RJ45 jack, but i have the same issue when i use the USB port directly on the audio/USB mount.

got the latest firmwares etc.


I have a 360 SCV MZ TE, and I was wondering if i can use the PS4 audio+ PCB with it. Since it already has a headphone jack I was want to know if it’s possible to use it since the headphone jack PCB is only connected via a connector. Or would that not be possible since it was designed to only interface with a 360 PCB?

I also want to put a Korean Golden Lever and Samducksa buttons in it, but that’s a different story for another day.

Edit: I found a YouTube tutorial actually for it. That wasn’t so difficult.

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I don’t have a ps4 to test at home, but when i rock up to locals and plug my stick in, this board cuts out sound to the stream.

Is there a way to setup the PS4 so that every device gets sound (ie my headphones plugged into the stick, the monitor playing the game, stream setup)?


I’m pretty sure there’s no current method of telling the f**kstation4 to output audio to more than 1 output. I’ve been there in the situation of trying to figure out why there’s no audio in the system but most of the times are sticks with audio output giving this issue :frowning:

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You need to tap audio from your HDMI chain or optical audio out and split the audio, or split the audio from a USB device.

I given up using controllers/sticks for Audio.

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Yes use an optical audio to 3.5mm converter and then split 3.5mm if you need to. I do this in my cabinet and it works fine, you need to be cautious of ground loops that create hiss but there are ways around it.

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Hi all, I just got the Brook PS4+ (non-audio) board and I went looking for the firmware update, but I only saw files for PS4+Audio and the small square PS3/PS4… so which one do I use? I was thinking PS4+Audio, but I’d rather not just assume and fck everything up lol.

(sorry if this has been answered already, but it’s kind of a hard topic to search for)


I finally finished my cabinet and it works awesome, special thanks to brook for making an excellent board that supports analog thumbsticks! (I would tag @GOGO.Zippy but not allowing me.) The thumbstick works great and I can play anything just like using a normal controller. Hopefully the video comes through so you can check out a ps3 hooked up.


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Happy to see you fighting cabinet with Brook PS4+ Audio fighting board.
Thanks again :partying_face:


No thank you, and if you would make a universal and retro board with thumb sticks I would be most grateful!


Yes I did. LS is my main joystick, dpad is mounted in the front by rs. It works perfectly.
If you get an ultimarc joystick with custom firmware you can do the same.

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Getting 8 min timeouts with the board, with the latest ps4 update, i downloaded the latest firmware still having issues Thank you.