Brook PS4+ Audio Fighting Board Thread



I just got my Brook PS4+, it works wonderfully.

I still have to connect the USB/Audio breackout board because I’m a bit concerned on how to drill the hole in my Qanba Q4RAF.

I don’t know how I will make the board fit the hole and also fix it with screws since it has very little space between the top hole and the USB B connector. Is there anyone to give me tips on how you did it ? with the micro usb version it seemed to be way easier to install but with a lot less solid connector.


You just need to get small screws that fit and their accompanying nuts.


mrhappydude, where can i get LS and RS analog sticks that fit into a 24mm button hole without screws like the ones you have? Thanks


It will be extremely difficult to fit one into a 24mm shell, even with the 30mm I had to cut the button for it to fit. You may want to look at a psp thumbstick and attach it to the control panel with glue or something.

I had to make revisions to my initial design but version 2 worked very well.


mrhappydude. Thank you. I will try to improvise with these. Did you successfully get the regular joystick (DPAD) and these 2 analog sticks (LS and RS) to work simultaneously as on a PS4 controller with PS4+ board? I am trying to do this on a custom stick so i can play RPGs and FPSs with my custom stick.


Anyone here have issues with the PS4 connecting to their PS4+? I have a Jasen’s Customs Pro Cable kit hooked up to the USB-B output on the board and its receiving power but not being recognized by the PS4 when I hit the PS button. If I use the USB-B port on the breakout with headphone jack, it does recognize my stick. I had this problem in the past but it was fixed with a firmware update. I updated the firmware again but this time it didn’t solve the problem.

Any help is appreciated!


Yes, actually I made LS my main joystick and made a dpad button and RS button; I also have the touchpad working.


was anyone able to make the Mad Catz VS stick’s default audio socket work? any tips with the wiring ?


I’m having an issue where randomly the ps4 will recognise and ‘un-recognise’ the headphone socket on the board - its causing the sound to cut in an out when it happens.

i’m feeding through a neutrik RJ45 jack, but i have the same issue when i use the USB port directly on the audio/USB mount.

got the latest firmwares etc.


I have a 360 SCV MZ TE, and I was wondering if i can use the PS4 audio+ PCB with it. Since it already has a headphone jack I was want to know if it’s possible to use it since the headphone jack PCB is only connected via a connector. Or would that not be possible since it was designed to only interface with a 360 PCB?

I also want to put a Korean Golden Lever and Samducksa buttons in it, but that’s a different story for another day.

Edit: I found a YouTube tutorial actually for it. That wasn’t so difficult.