Brook PS4+ Audio Fighting Board Thread


@PinoyPryde I agree - im worried about the durability of the micro USB connector as well. Keep in mind that you can still patch in a standard neutrik pass through as well as the breakout - it would require 2 holes though.


Still no screw terminals for USB d+ & d- ???


I like the idea of the Neutrik style breakout, but the micro USB connector on it is something I think they’re going to regret.


Mmm. I’m gonna use the JST for the USB, and re-use the jack from my madcatz TE.


XBox 360 sticks have another reason for new life again with this pcb since you can connect the audio from the pcb to the existing female 3.5mm audio jacks.


I had too many bad experiences with micro usb … those suckers are like B-Boys … popping off


Hey everyone,

Here’s the second part showing the board installed:

Update: Pre-Orders are up on FA


Not too tech savy, but can you use those aux to female usb converters to connect a wireless usb headset?


micro usb port on the break out is for the connection to the console only.


I meant through the audio jack using something like this.

I would then connect the usb dongle into it for my wireless headset.


Ah gotcha. Good possibility it will work then. If it works on a dual shock 4 headset port it should work on this board.


Actually that isn’t going to work.

USB uses a digital signal,
The headset port outputs analog signal

There zero electronics inside for the Digital to analog conversion

That adapter is for USB DATA INPUT for very few select MP4 players and certain Car Stereos

It will not make your USB headset work with a Audio jack

You are far better off plugging your wireless headset directly to the console via one of it’s USB ports.


If your headset is BT. You could always use a 3.5mm to BT adapter. They require recharging though.


I remember iPod Shuffles data synced over 3.5mm jacks. Heck, I just programmed my son’s stuffed toy over it last week. Funny though, as 99.9% of people on Earth think of this jack as audio-only. :smile:


Got the same puppy for my 1.5y/of son, he pressed the feet a few times and it’s sat underneath the bed since then lol. But thanks for the tip he may pay it some mind longer then 2min if I do that. Now boxes, cardboard boxes they like.


Program his name, as well as his favorite food, color and animal and he might use it more :wink:


pre-order is up on ArcadeShock!


@jonyfraze Have you tried the analog stick control out on the board? I know analog sticks aren’t the thing for fighting games but this board is great for us Project Diva players looking for an analog board


Anyone have any information on how the touch input/analog input works? I have not seen any real documentation or use of that yet.


Look this pic


So it is still only going to work with the little Brook touch pad? Is a larger touch pad going to be available at some point? Either that or a breakout board for custom touch pad sliders?