Brook PS4+ Audio Fighting Board Thread


It’s only working with Brook touch pad.



Hmm, so then I am guessing it is only compatible with the ZET6221 series touch IC’s then? I am looking to make a full size touch slider for Project Diva Future Tone which I will probably end up using the ZET6221WPA.


That’s right…Brook used ZET6221/QFN-40 to design our touch pad .


i love that you made a breakout neutrik for the usb and 3.5mm jack.

however i am not thrilled it is a mini usb on it. any way brook can make a breakout that has only the 3.5mm jack on it? i would rather use a regular usb neutrik on my case and put a separate 3.5mm jack neutrik on the front panel.

if brook won’t make a 3.5mm jack neutrik, does it exist? i can’t find one for the life of me.


Please look at this pic…
You can choice anyone usb to connect with console.


That’s not what I meant.

I am aware that I can have another way to connect the USB. So I wish I can have a neutrik usb in the back and your breakout in the front.

Is there consideration to have a 3.5mm jack only breakout? Or maybe just a plate cover switch where it only has an opening for 3.5mm jack and no micro usb.



  1. use a cable to connect between J1/Micro usb and neutrik usb

  2. remove J1-1 to disable Micro usb in the breakout board.


Really appreciate your responses. I am not being clear in my questions.

What I am asking is purely cosmetic because I don’t want to have the micro usb port on the breakout plate. I was wondering if you have plans to release a swappable plate that only shows the 3.5mm jack opening and no micro usb port.



  1. To Remove 4pin from J1-1 in PS4+ Audio FB so that Micro usb will no function in the breakout board.
  2. Need a cable to link J1/Micro USB and Neutrik USB

See this pic


Hey @jonyfraze can you see if those new aux audio panels fit over a neutrik gaskets for more sexy?

More Sexy?


Is it possible to have the J11-1 pinout? I couldn’t find it on the brook’s website.
I suppose this is a TRRS 3.5 jack, so something like mic, left, return left, right, return right and ground?


Look this link, we printed all pinout function on user manual.
Brook website is coming soon…





I meant, would you consider selling a plate without the micro usb as seen below? Even if it is just the plate.

Is the plate portion removable to make a custom one?

Thanks for all the responses!


I think you want a panel mount 3.5mm socket.


No sorry - if there is ever a need for

Just tried it on mine. Fits snug!


Snug works for me!


that’s what she said…


Found this trackpad today and I am going to try it out; if it works with this board then it is going in my arcade cab…

$25.00 US


It’s okay as below link


@“GOGO.Zippy” I seem to be disconnecting randomly after a few minutes of play