Brook PS4+ Audio Fighting Board Thread


We have three days vacation in Taiwan.
Release to fix next week…


Thanks @GOGO.Zippy ! Enjoy vacation


Hi All Players
Brook PS4+ Audio is on board, please download to fix on V4.55

Add new function … Use combo keys to emulate LS/DP/RS mode


@“GOGO.Zippy” can you tell me how to match up these pinouts…please and thanks.


Touchpad Pinouts

Brook Pinouts


Only work with our Touchpad


@“GOGO.Zippy” I would use your touchpad but I cannot find a cover for it, on ebay they sell only the board. Suggestions ? Previous post you said it was ok? So not even the ps4 touchpad would work ? I would be ok to give up a couple controllers.

It is too bad, I really like the round touch pad and it has button press as well so kills 2 birds with one stone.


Hello, I have a couple of questions about this board and was wondering if someone could help me with them:

  1. Planning on buying this board, but am not a big fan of the micro USB jack. I was thinking of using the cable that comes with it for the breakout board, but cutting off the end that goes to J1 and covering up the breakout board with some kind of 3d printed cover. Then, I want to solder on some kind of usb plug for use with my Neutrik pass through. Is this possible?

  2. Why does this board say SOCD cleaner support, while the universal fighting board say SOCD cleaner built in? What’s the difference?

  3. Why would I buy the universal fighting board over this one?


Follow below picture to connect with Neutrik USB

  1. All of UFB, PS4 FB and PS4+ Audio support two modes SOCD outputting

Look Unboxing review


Ok I have a question again. The audio is just plug and play right? You don’t have to go to the ps4’s settings or anything do you?


@"Shinkuu Tatsumaki"
Must to setup in system page …
When audio is outputting to Fighting Board, the HDMI won’t any sounds.


Ah ok, so this is not practical for playing at locals/tournaments then.


@“GOGO.Zippy” Can you tell me what type of Rocker Switch I can use for the LS/DP/RS switch?

A dpdt? rocker switch round 6pin, 3pin ?

Also can I use the switch and the analog thumb sticks together. For example if I set the main controller to LS and can I use the RS thumb stick still or does the jumper have to be on DP ?

Really appreciate feedback. Thanks.


A SP3T should do it.
I’ve used those slides one on my PCB


@The_Real_Phoenix thanks for the link. I was really hoping there was a button like switch I could use as I hate the slider switch, it looks terrible. I don’t have my boards yet, or the brook touchpads I had to order so can’t test anything…

And is that on-on-on or on-off-on ?


It’s an on-on-on. Is used those one to fit into madcatz TE/SE front panel.

IIRC the two pins in the middle of the LS/DP/RS connectors are both ground signal.
So If the PS4+ is working like the UFB, rocket switch on-off-on should work since the board is checking if LS or RS signal is grounded. If not then it’s DP.


Not Yet. Analog Stick and Switch can’t work together.

When Analog Stick function is enable, the joystick will output in DP mode as a controller .


@“GOGO.Zippy” is this a feature you will enable at a later date ? It would be a very nice feature.


@The_Real_Phoenix that is perfect if it works like that.


Is it possible to use the connector and cable already in my TE2+ with this board? Any tutorials or other resources for that?


the PS4+ Audio seems ok after the 4.70 update and testing. I dont think were gonna need a patch this round! (also tested the p3/p4 board and the UFB - all working as well).