Brook PS4+ Audio Fighting Board Thread



Can both USB be connected at the same time? 1 via the Header and the on board USB?


So is Rev 2 ez mod compatible without any de/soldering?


should be i think the only thing that might be off would be the Touch Pad section


if you mean plugged into the console at the same time, then no.


@The_Real_Phoenix i dont know the exact pitch of the connectors but it is exactly the same as the UFB. Also keep in mind that i have a prototype so i cant really say for sure at the moment. Maybe @“GOGO.Zippy” can answer with more detail.


Why would you even want to do that? What’s the use case?



  1. The LS/DP/RS is still used 2.54mm and the same with the previous version and UFB.
  2. The pinout of audio is still the same with the previous


Thanks @jonyfraze and @“GOGO.Zippy”


Will the new breakout board (with the USB-B port) be available for separate purchase?




Only an enquiry. I plan to mount mine in the front for easier reach for head phone jack. Possibly recharge my only while playing. Charge another controller?



Please reconsider this.


So I am installing my Brook PCB v 2017. However, I am concerned about the “home button”.

I assumed that I would just be able to plug it (as it did to the left) and the home button and not would work fine, but that isn’t the case. None of the buttons register. There seems to be a separate harness for the home button that connects to a specific button but the home button area has it’s own harness.

Am I going to lose home button functionality or is there some type of connector I can use?


Hi All
Brook converter and Fighting board are working well on system V4.74 of #PS4

Without updated file


For all the electronics sages here, specially @The_Real_Phoenix since he alrady worked with this:

what is the proper type of headphone jack to buy if I don’t want to use the breakout that came with the board? There is a pin marked HP_DET and I’m assuming that DET means detection, so I suppose I need a jack that have support for that function but I can’t find anything, probably not using the correct search terms.


You need a TRRS jack with an internal pass-through on the ground signal (second ring).


Thanks man.


To hook it up to a raspberry pi and a ps4 at the same time to have the raspberry pi control leds and play back macros. (At least it would be nice if I could do it that way.)

In any case can someone tell me where to find a working switch for the stick mode selection section (J12)? Something small and preferably on amazon.