Brook PS4+ Audio Fighting Board Thread




Since Brook was unwilling to make my requested changes to allow switching of joysticks I have found a solution with the Help of Ultimarc which is the Ultrastik 360. The owner is providing me with a custom firmware to enable analog output from joystick so basically same thing as an analog thumbstick. So now I can play all games not just fighting games !!! and I have a dpad solution as well that I will post at a later date.


Not sure what you mean but you can swith from dpad to right stick or left stick


Is the following possible?

  1. Connect the included breakout board to the USB pins only. The pins for the audio jack are not connected from the included breakout board.
  2. Connect a separate audio breakout to the audio pins.

I’m using [this board](Madcatz Audio Board for Brook PS4+ and Madcatz Front Panel REV 2 but when I do the above, it registers as headphones being connected when they are not connected - and not connected when they are connected. Using the included breakout board works, but I would like to use the separate audio board, as I would like to place the USB connection and the audio jack in different places.


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Brook fighting board and converters are working well w/o updated file in the system V5.00 of PS4.


Or use combo button to select as emulate function


I cannot have joystick and 2 analog sticks working the way I want.
If you look back at my posts you will see.


@GOGO.Zippy any luck with implementing this feature?
I have been communicating with Victor in support and he said it worked but I tried it today and your statement above still holds true.

my suggestions are

Option #1 - Replace Mode

If JP14 is removed and LS (JP12) is selected then Joystick is LS and LS Thumbstick is disabled.
If JP14 is removed and RS (JP12) is selected then Joystick is RS and RS Thumbstick is disabled.
If JP14 is removed and DP (JP12) is selected then Joystick is DP and LS, RS Thumbsticks are enabled.!AmYEnaHDgSLtgZ0ciLtJag3Sy8Y4QQ

Option #2 - Switch Mode
If JP14 is removed and LS (JP12) is selected then Joystick is LS and LS Thumbstick is DP.
If JP14 is removed and RS (JP12) is selected then Joystick is RS and RS Thumbstick is DP.
If JP14 is removed and DP (JP12) is selected then Joystick is DP and LS, RS Thumbsticks are LS, RS (Default).!AmYEnaHDgSLtgZ0bjsalf-c3ruXqDQ


Hi guys, I need some clarification on the LS,RS,DP hardware switch. How come the DP has two pins assigned on the board and on the switch? I mean… Just… Why does that one need two and the other two only need 1? Can anyone break it down for me?

Appreciate it. :slight_smile:


On the J7 connector of the Brook UFB and PS4+:

pin 1: LS signal
pin 2: ground
pin 3: ground
pin 4: RS signal

  • if LS (pin 1) is grounded (link to pin 2), then LS is activate
  • if RS (pin 4) is grounded (link to pin 3), then RS is activate
  • if neither LS or RS are grounded (link between pin 2 and 3, neutral position), then it’s DP mode.


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or use combo key w/o a switch to select LS/DP/RS

See { LS, RS, DP Emulate } at below link


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If you don’t use breakout board with PS4+Audio Board, the sound automatically outputs to headset mode not TV HDMI port.

Our suggestion is connected or soldered a wire between H_DET and AGND on J11-1 or J8


Ayy, I just soldered both GND’s to the middle pin of my 3 PIN rocker and it works! Thanks for the explanation! I was wondering which one was ground. Turns out both are! :smiley: Cheers! Everything works now. ^^


Just wanted to update anyone who is interested.

I got my ultimarc ultrastik(s) and the new firmware (Analog Mode) allows me to hook them up to brook ps4+ fight board and functions perfectly as LS. I then made some custom d-pad buttons from an arcade button and a madcatz d-pad I think it turned out pretty good and they work awesome. I also modded some buttons and have analog thumb sticks for RS they will attach via standoff on the control panel but they will have a nice finish look.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Analog JS

Picture 1
Picture 2


I think the analog stick inside the button shell is brilliant.


I have a question for the more tech savvy people here.

Looking at the pinouts here,
it says to short H_DETECT to ground to make the board think no headphone is connected. Question is, is the headphone detection only working through the H_DETECT pin, or is it also working through the DETECT pins? If I short the DETECT pins to the HP_L and/or HP_R, will it also have the same effect as shorting H_DETECT to ground?

I want to use my own 3.5mm jack mounted at the front, but I can’t find a 7 pin 3.5mm where I live, which is required to use the H_DETECT. I can get a 6 or 5 pin 3.5mm though, but the detection in those will need the DETECT pins in the board to be working as intended when shorted to HP_L and/or HP_R

EDIT: On second thought, if I’m desperate I can just desolder the 7 pin 3.5mm in the breakout board, but I’d rather use this as a last resort.


so I have an extra crossbone just laying around and my question is that am I able to use the Brook Audio Board with the crossbone via the 20 pin? I know I can just buy a UFB but I want to see some use out of this old crossbone and I really like the audio function with this board.

Edit: I have rev 2 of the audio board


Will the new version work out of the box with the Panzer fightstick? I have a Panzer Hitbox and I ordered one already from Arcadeshock. Should be delivered tomorrow. But I thought I saw on Twitter Jasen say he was gonna be offering some on his site that will work with it. Does that mean the current one won’t?


I just received mine and installed it in a Panzer 3 Hitbox. The only connection I couldn’t get was the LS RS DP switch but I think I can find a different connector that will work for that or if I get brave, I can solder it on. The breakout panel fits perfectly in the Neutrik hole of the Panzer and I couldn’t be happier with how easy the install was. I have L3 R3 touchpad and start , home, share functionality as well. Also, the Home start lock button works on the Panzer with this board. My board from Arcadeshock came with jumpers so just install it on the (J15?) SOCD pins and plug in the controller and you’ll have normal SOCD functionality which is essential to using a Hitbox properly.


@“GOGO.Zippy” So I downloaded the latest firmware for the audio board. I have the Rev 2 version. I’m trying to do the LS RS DP emulate mode but it’s not working. When I press Options/Start+Right for 3 seconds it doesn’t switch to RS. What could be the problem?