Brook PS4 + Audio

Has anyone recently purchased this board? What is the quality and what type of USB connections does it use on the board itself?

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Ask [HERE](Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!) or [HERE](Brook PS4+ Audio Fighting Board Thread

It is good quality as it’s a Brook product. It uses micro USB on the board to USB A to the Switchcraft ( which u should use over neutrik) connector on the stick. To use the breakout audio panel, you gotta drill a spot that you can get it to fit in so it looks nice and flush with the stick case. I’m not sure what size/type of bit you’d need to use but I’m sure you can find the answer to that in the official Brook PS4 audio thread or on Google. Good luck!

@VarmintBaby Thank you very much for your insight. That helps me figure out what I need.