Brook retro board GC/Wii

Has anybody had any luck using the retro board on a wii using the GC controller port? I have 2 retro boards and 4 GC to rj45 cables. Any combination of cable and PCB results in my stick working for 2-5 seconds then it just stops responding. However the cable work just fine with my 2 cthulu boards.

I havent managed to find anybody else who has even tried this.

Which Wii? The one with the GameCube portd built in? The second main edition with no GC ports? The Wii Mini? The Wii U? The Switch?

If it’s the 2nd and 3rd at anytime, or the fourth for anything other the Wii U Super Smash Bros, there’s no use trying. Even though I requested the GameCube port adapter should work with the middle 3 cases, because Active Life and Dance Dance Revolution won’t work. And some games like Metal Slug Anthology is crippled without the GameCube ports, even if I can show that no native Wii 'games use both a USB controller AND a GameCube ports together. + Because you’re eating 2 USB ports, (or one if you are willing to live without Rumble) the only incompatible games use both USB and GC ports together. There’s no hardware difference that causes partial incompatibility. But it’s other companies preferring the Balance Board over thea Active Life and DDR pad, (the GC port is needed for the above games listed , plus Nintendo being monopolistic) that caused backward incompatibility.

If it’s the Switch, then it might be title incompatibility or non working. If it’s the first Wii, then it’s either the gamebid incompatible, or then FINALLY, THE ROCK IS BACK IN YOUR WIRING.

Make sure which Wii you have and what game is trying to work.

The console I’m using is the original wii with the built in gcn ports.

The games I’ve been using for testing are CVS2 for gamecube and TVC for wii, both of which support gcn controllers.

It’s not likely a one off manufacturing error as I have 2 of these boards with the same result.

Wiring cant be the issue as the retro board has a built-in rj45 jack. You just plug your console cable right in. (Theres really very little that can go wrong with this pcb)

The only room for error will be when crimping the rj45 end of the console cable. I have 4 cables. 2 of them were crimped by me, 2 of them were purchased at jasen’s customs. All 4 cables work fine with my cthulu modded stick. But all 4 fail with my retro board modded stick.

The only possibility i can think of is the retro board is not compatible with the wii as originally advertised. (The web site listed wii/gcn compatibility as a feature when the PCB was first released, now it simply lists gcn) and I dont have a gamecube to test with.

I spoke to Jasen about it via email and even he said he has never tested it on a wii.

I’m curious if anyone has tried the retro board on a regular gamecube as well as a wii, and what were the results. I’ve only found 1 other person who has even tried the wii and he gets the same result as me.

There might be a chance it’s a wii classic ganes. Ine game i have, Metal Slug Anthology, use GC controls, but the Classic control wadn’t inventef, and gradually it shiftedv from GC only to Wii Classic only.

I’m not sure how I can be any more clear about this.

  1. I can play games on my Wii using a cthulu modded stick.

  2. I cannot play games on my Wii using a Brook Retro Board modded stick.

All I really need to know is if anybody can play games on their Wii with a retro board?

Just found out about this issue, it’s broke.

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Then I’m not alone. Good to know, thanks!

How did you find out about this issue? I havent been able to find anyone else talking about it.

update for the wii-gamecube ports

going to do a quick test

EDIT: Tested on original WIi with gamecube ports, TvC works great!. Thanks @GOGO.Zippy.


Thanks for the heads-up

I saw this update on FB last night. I’m gonna try it tomorrow.

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Welcome~ Thanks to test :smile:


Also, for games that need a pro controller, how about using the PS2 mode and plugging one of those PS2 -> Wii classic adapters in?

I assume the first system the Cthulhu encounters is considered a “native PCB” and can be singly translated and be guaranteed. But add a second converter, and things can get wacky.

I assume you could do GC via Cthulhu to N64 and be just as sure on controls.

Is ping not significant enough for anything except light gun games (even though N64 doesn’t have any), as in good enough for most fight games?

Confirmed: after this firmware update both of my retro boards appear to be working on the wii with gcn cable.

I think I have a theory as to what the issue was. Both of my retro board modded sticks also have kaimana LEDs. Prior to the update the kaimanas would not work properly when plugged into the wii or a ps2. They would all just glow a dim red and the sticks would not respond until I turn off the kaimana mod. I assumed this is because these retro consoles do not provide enough voltage to the controller ports. Now, after the update, the kaimanas function normally while plugged into the wii. It seems like after the update the board is now drawing enough power, I’m not sure if that is even something that can be fixed by a firmware update but that seems to be the case.


I’m not entirely sure what you are getting at here.
Cthulu already works with gcn/wii out of the box. No adapters required. This thread is specific to brook retro board and gcn/wii compatability. I only mentioned cthulu because the brook board is supposed to do what the cthulu does and in this case it didnt… until this update anyway.

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I was referring to using the wiimote extension port for the Wii Classic controller. Quite a few games only work on the wiimote extension. The only game I can think of that requires the GameCube connector is metal slug anthology.

Currently there is no direct native way to do Wii Classic controllers using any of those multi console retro boards.

You either have to hand wire them for pad hacking or you have to use a PS2 to Wii Classic controller adapter.

there is a difference between GameCube controller on Wii and Wii Classic controller.

I would just ignore him, I started to again.


That’s beginning to look like a legitimate option. I’ve been very patient with this guy hijacking this thread. Fortunately the issue has now been resolved and I couldn’t care less about this thread anymore.

As far as I know, every game that supports classic controller also supports gamecube controllers. At least all the games I care about do. If you’d like to discuss this further as well as wiimote options please start your own topic and stop hijacking other people’s topics.

@Everybody else: go update your firmwares! It works!!