Brook retro/universal fighting pcb set up?


i got the brook retro and universal fighting board kit but i don’t have the 20-pin connector that suppose to link them together. but i seen that jasen custom have a stack board kit. i just wanna know if anybody have done a header pin remove to put on a pin header socket and double pin header on the board themself because i am thinking heading to my local electronic part store to get the header pins to do this mod myself.

here the pin headers i am talking about



To do this mod you need some decent soldering experience and a hot air solder rework station that can heat the 20 pin header so you can pull the pins out.



i got a good solder station with a good then tip. i’m just worry about this mod. also after spending a half a day looking for header pin socket which it turn no luck for the part. i might have to order the part online.

also i need to know if anybody done this mod and had any issue with it. because i got a feeling that the usb part on the universal fighting board (that is on top) might shorted out if it touching the bottom rj-45 socket.



I’ve done similar mods to what your asking for. Its not hard, but if your 20-pin is already soldered I would recommend picking up’s 20-pin multiplier for $10 rather than risk the chance you burn out either of your boards unless you know you have the ability to desolder ALL of your pins at the same time. Just forewarning that your mod can be frustrating and damaging (those pins on the boards are soldered to the the end of the plastic and have a good chance of melting the plastic if you don’t have a hot-air re-flow station)!