Brook Sega Saturn to PS4 converter


I’d buy one.


I’m interested


Im interest


I’m interested too! I don’t even own a saturn pad (yet) but will if they release this!


Saturn pads are trash and dumb to smoke


I’m definitely interested. Would buy at least one.


this is the best pad sega ever made

more precise dpad that’s not super loose like the saturn, full size face buttons, four button style triggers


opinions are like assholes…everyone has one.


Sir, bite your tongue.
No way that trans with analog sticks, turbo or vibration can ever out done the glory that is the Sega Saturn pad.

of course we are speaking of this beauty, the Sega Saturn pad MK II

and not this abomination to all that is holy


I still want that Sega Playstation pad though.


Which one? This one?


Hey guys let’s not let this thread get off the rails about which Saturn pads are teh beast, let’s keep to new folks bumping this topic to remind @“GOGO.Zippy” that we want thing to GET MADE!!!


You’re right @Feargus001100 but just for continuity’s sake I was talking about the Dual Shock one @C-Sword but truthfully I want both. I’m greedy like that.


Just take my money and make it plskluvu


Sorry i couldnt wait anymore lol, once i learned you make one, the hobbyist in me had to try, using a FGW converter and Brook ps3/ps4/pc pcba together i was able to make a Sega Saturn pad work. I love my joystick but that pad is just to good. Couple of pics of my brick size converter, If Brooks still makes one ill buy 2, 1 more ps4 and one for xbox if they make both.
Green is the Home key, Blue is Share, and Red is the Touch pad key, updates just fine.


Would be interested in one. In my opinion no 8-button pad has come close to beating the saturn pad to this day. A brooks board with legacy outputs would make the PS360 obsolete.


Have you used a PS360 on Saturn?

I think you mean either a @TheRealNeoGeo 's PS360+ (P.S. support for legacy consoles never really got too far off the ground, and I don’t think this is one this PCB’s strengths) or the @Toodles 's MC Cthulhu (it works, 'nuf said).


Yes, I was referring to the PS360+. I have not used it, but I’m in the process of deciding if I’m going to go with that or the Brooks. I was under the impression that this was a feature but I guess I’m mistaken?

And FWIW, +1 for the v2 saturn controllers- the rest are rubbish!


[quote=“Darksakul, post:29, topic:178033”]

Truly the pad of pads


It seems that “Saturn pad” actually refers to a number of controllers that don’t necessarily share the same compatibility properties.

What is this one called?

And does anyone know if there are any solutions to use this bad boy on a PS4? I unfortunately don’t have a PS4 to mess with. If I did I’d try to hack up a controller / fabricate a converter.