Brook Sega Saturn to PS4 converter


Keep in mind there many replicas made, but for the thread were talking about actual game pads for the Sgea Saturn.

There are many bootleg USB Saturn pads on the market so be careful.
That said the USB Saturn pads were only intended for the PC, they working on the PS3 was a happy coincidence.
You don’t have as many options using that particular pad on the PS4.


If you have a USB pad you can probably use one of Undamned’s USB decoders. For anything that allows legacy controllers you can just use the pad straight up; I had a USB Saturn pad and it worked on PS3 with no conversion.

The ‘good’ ones were made by SLS and have a little SLS sticker on the back of them. There were a couple different attempts to revive the Saturn pad in USB form, and all of them are apparently pretty bad, but they account for a vast majority of the ones on Ebay.
Occasionally one of the SLS USB pads will pop up on Ebay, but they almost always go for $150-$200+.


what did it cost you to build that adapter?


@appomo The brook ps3/ps4/pc costed 39.95 + 5.oo shipping, The FGW converter was 15.oo + 6.oo shipping, The Sega Saturn Extension was 5.oo off ebay with free shipping. The project box, buttons, and usb cord i had laying round from going to yards sales over the years or just free stuff. I had the tools for years (soldering iron, solder) In all it costed me about $70.oo. Bit on the high end but was worth it. Im sure if Brook made one it would be half that.


We need this Saturn to PS4 adapter by Brook, I would buy 4 units at least. Please release it and take my money fast! Don´t underestimate the SF5 market on PS4. I hope someone at brook will read this :slight_smile:


I would buy one.


i’m currently using SAT>PSX plugged into their PS2>PS4 converter which is a bit cumbersome. straight SAT>PS4 would be much more convenient, i would definitely buy one


Definitely would buy 2 for 2 players


are you using a keio or…?


I have the hori fight pad from when sf4 was released, the dpad on it is so similar but the buttons are irksome. Would buy the converter for definate


You know, Model 1 D-pads are a dream to hack. It uses daughter boards that you don’t need so you end up with a mini PCB perfect for wiring, IMHO this is the best use out of them.

One of my fist hacks so please be gentle.