Brook Universal Fighting Board Thread


Hi Everyone,

I have been given the honor to announced that Paradise Arcade Shop, Arcade Shock and Jasen Hicks have teamed up with the Brook team to create the controller PCB of our dreams: The 5 in 1 Universal Fighting Board.


  • Auto-Detects PS3, PS4, XBOX360, XBOXONE, & PC (XINPUT)
  • No 8-Minute Time-Out on PS4
  • Screw Terminals for easy wiring and installation
  • Firmware Updatable via USB
  • Stick can be mapped to DP, LS, RS
  • SOCD Cleaner
  • TP Key, L3, R3 Buttons Available
  • Turbo Support
  • LED functions

Technical Specs & Performance tests via

Firmware Upgrades Download Page:

Prototype board Installed into my TE2:

First Look & Basic Installation:

One again, huge thanks to the team from Brook, Paradise Arcade Shop, Arcadeshock, and Jasen Hicks for making this a reality.

To kick it off @“Jasen Hicks” will be giving away his Classic Panzer Case with a 5 in 1 board installed! Please see his Facebook page for details!

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FUCK YEAH! Sign me up.

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The PS360+ killer has arrived. Very cool.


Will this work on my old PS3 Fightstock Pro? :smiley:


God damn :slight_smile:

It will work in anything after you remove the old PCB, and wire it up to the stick/buttons.


Curious as to what the solder points above the LS/DP/RS points are for.

Also it seems like they do player LEDs, but can they also do PS4 player indicator lights?

Other than that, it’s a great looking board! Hopefully they can map the buttons on the touch row with button combinations, and make LS/DP/RS selectable through a config mode like the PS360+ (though it’d probably render the jumpers for those switches useless).


I take it those 1-20 solderpoints are similar in layout to ps360? Providing compatibility with kaimana mini?




Glorious! Great job guys!


Exactly the same


@jonyfraze You typed PS3 twice, just a heads up.


This looks amazing! In the future please consider a revision to support oldery legacy consoles like the PS2 and Dreamcast. I know it’s a niche concern, but it would truly make this board the go-to for enthusaists.

It says this supports touchpad functionality as well. Does this mean we have to go with Brooks touchpads ( I can’t find any information on their store or even a picture) or can we cannibalize one from an existing PS4 pad?


Looks great.
I’ll definitely look into getting a few of these when the CAD/USD exchange rate moves a bit more in my favor.

The timing of this announcement/availability is hilarious: I JUST bought two HFC4s to dual/triple-mod into mine and my brother’s sticks (PS360+ and MCC+4716+Imp2). :smiley:


Wow, perfect timing!
When do you expect to ship these?


SRK article on the front page says between February 3rd and 6th.


Looking forward to this, just got my job lot of Brook fightboards from PAS (the form factor is really tiny!) & they work great. If I can buy 1 of these I can get rid of my XBONE TE2 that would be great!


What about dual modding PS360+ with Brook’s Universal PCB, should it be possible right?


Is there a way I can stuff this into my stick that also has an MC Cthulhu inside?

I wouldn’t want to lose all the retro support.


Does anybody know(maybe beta testers) any information about the lag tests?


Nevermind, I will buy two of these beauties =)