Brook Universal Fighting Board Thread

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Please follow @Dubon talking. Please try soldering on 20 pin header (J9).

Does this board have any touchpad support? Not the touchpad button, but the actual touchpad itself. I couldn’t find documentation on what the function of the “J2” pinouts are specifically; is it for touchpad support?

You’re doing god’s work.

Hey guys,

Sorry for the inconvenience for firmware download during these two days.
The problem has already been fixed, so you can download firmware and do update now.

Brook Team

Hey everyone.
I’ve finished 2 small boards for an easy upgrade on Madcatz TE/SE/SFXT sticks for the Brook universal board universal:

You can either choose the top old turbo LED to indicate the player, or on the SFXT use those on the top of the Home Button.

It feets perfectly and you can use the original boutons. It also works with the Brook PS4/PS3 board.

and for the PDP Injustice Fightstick (PS3):

I’m using a RGB led and you can choose which color you want for the 4th player. Since I replace the lighting button for a LS/DP/RS switch, you can chose when you want to light up your stick: on lock, on unlock or always on.

The encoding of the 4th player need a bit of electronic (and some debug on the board to make it work properly):

I’m currently preparing videos of those. :slight_smile:

That looks really nice. Looking forward to the video.

Wow, very impressive. I’d love to see those in action.

Thanks. I’m currently finishing first a video on a Hit Box (TE X360 + Brook UFB, should be finished next monday/tuesday).
Here’s the PDP finished (white led = 4P or Xone, else it’s red = 1p, green = 2p, blue = 3p)

and here’s a brook PS4/PS3 with the Madcatz (TE) front panel:

Please let us know when you’ve posted those videos

Anyone know if I could put this into a hitbox controller? I don’t see why I couldn’t but wanted to ask.


yes, you can

have anyone ever mod the PS3 Hori Fighting Edge with the Brook Universal Fighting Board or with the Brook PS3/PS4 Fight Board PCBA, without losing the panel buttons and leds bars? @Brook_Engineer I want to buy the PCB, but not sure how to wire the touch panel.

It is definitely possible! The touch pad is a bit trickier, but with a multimeter it is possible.


The Brook PS3/PS4 Fight Board PCBA supports Brook’s touch panel, refer to those pictures to connect.

I’m talking about the Fighting Edge touch pad, the panel have start, select, config and block buttons. I think the original PCB of my fightstick dies, so I’m looking for a replacement.

I read somewhere that you need some resistors and diodes but not sure where to put those.

I really want to fix my fightstick.

You don’t need the original PCB, just the panel.

I’m a bit confused. Does the TPKey double as the “Select” button? In the documentation I see that the TPKey is labeled as " Touchpad Key | Select | Back | ‘PS4 Options Symbol’ ". So if in fact this button does act as a multitude of substitutions, is it really 4 buttons in 1? I plan on wiring the the actual “Turbo” button on my TE to be that the TPKey, but if I can substitute my “Select/Back” button to that of this 3-or-4-in-1, then I’ll do that, and I can keep “Turbo” as “Turbo” via the UFB.

TP key is outputting four keys on four consoles
Touchpad on PS4
Select on PS3
Back on 360
Double square on Xboxone