Brook Universal Fighting Board Thread

The Brook UFB does have that bluetooth module on there. It isn’t official (if it was the UFB wouldn’t need firmware updates to keep working after some PS4 updates) but the Brook team at least partially cracked the PS4 peripheral licensing system. I’m going to guess that the module currently on the UFB only works for PS4 security checks.

With the upcoming Ultra SF2 on Switch, is there any news about the UFB compatibility? Thanks! :wink:

I have a few Madcatz Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Arcade Fightstick TES Wii U Edition and I’m in the process of installing Brook UFBs in them. I’m having trouble locating the solder points on the Wii U TEs PCB to connect the home button and turbo button (for TP key maybe) to the Brook UFB. I’ve searched and searched and only came across one thread where someone asked for the same thing. He got comments but no answers and that was a 2-year-old thread.
Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

BONUS The solder points for the
DP, LS, RS switch
Player LEDs
Would also be great!!! Any help at all. Thank you.

Ultra SF2 in TV mode for SW pro / joy con

Maybe support a USB Fight Stick soon via SWITCH system updated.

If ultra SF2 can support wird fighting stick, I think Brook will study

Consider swapping that home panel board for a replacement board. You’ll lose LS, RS and Turbo, but you’ll gain player LEDs, L3, R3, and Touchpad functions. Check the following thread for details:


If that’s still not your bag, re-ask your question [HERE](Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

I have the intend to put a Brook Universal PC into my old Xbox 360 Madcatz TE S case, will 8 face buttons and 2 back buttons be enough?
So far i’d been using a PS2 Stick with the same amount of buttons in conjunction with the PS2>PS4 adapter but that one had an extra home button on
the adapter itself.

Is it possible to program a specific combination (such as Select+Start) to the Home button on the board or anything of that sort?
Adding another button hole would be near impossible for me and highly inconvenient.

@“GOGO.Zippy” Hori already announced a wired arcade stick for Switch

Thanks your news.

Unfortunately we don’t know if it’s wireless or wired yet :frowning:

But thats the PS4, not the Switch.

Actually we do, if look at the relevant slide it clearly sais “stick arcade filaire”

We don’t know the extent of Nintendo’s peripheral security yet. We likely won’t until brook gets their hands on Hori’s arcade stick.

Good eye!

or you may open up the cabinet if it comes to that

Okey, I got this pre-soldered version of UFB but I am still struggling to find out which goes where, I know what lever is but even on whole group set, there are more than 10 wires and I have 8 buttons, any advice which wires go where?

Hopefully this hasn’t been asked too many times but does PS and Touchpad (which registers as Select/Back on older consoles) work for firmware updates?

No, you need to use the actual SELECT button.


@"Nobus3r1 ver. 2.0"
Touchpad keys already registers as SELECT / BACK. Please refer to look at this picture on Brook Website.

@“GOGO.Zippy” - he was asking if he held TOUCHPAD and PS if that would get into boot loader mode so he could update the firmware. Unless you guys changed something, you still need a SELECT button to get into bootloader for updating firmware.

Thanks. But yeah, this is what I was asking about. A button shortcut to emulate just tapping on the touchpad would also work as most PS4 fighting games use a touchpad tap to reset training mode.