Brook Universal Fighting Board Thread


It might be a crazy pipedream - but if there was some kind of expansion board made available for the UFB that would allow Switch wireless connectivity - man, I’d start throwing money at Brook.


Once the 8 minutes hit it just stops responding until I pull the USB out and put it back in, hit the ps button and sign back in. The blue light stays on it just stops responding to any button inputs


ykd, when doing an update to my UFB, I didn’t use a small USB cable or anything just the regular cable I use to plug my stick into the PS4.
Hold PS + Share as you connect it to your PC and it should all be good.

I’m sure you’ve already done this but I just wanted to make sure.


Now it won’t respond in the computer it loads up but device says “Unknown USB Device Device descriptor request failed”. And I haven’t done anything to it since last night when I messaged here.


Yup tried that. Might be a dumb question, but do you keep holding the buttons or let them go once you get the start button initialized?


You only have to have the buttons pressed when you insert the cable, then release at your leisure.
The stick will be recognized by the update software at this point and the firmware update can start when you click on start.

Have you checked that you definitely have the latest revision from Brook’s site? Just trying to rule out any errors.


Indeed I have 2.0, it says 2.0 on the Brook Downloader app. Would you happen to know how someone can check what is on the PCB ? It says it’s successful, and everything works fine, on PS3 no prob but the PS4 still times out at 8 minutes. So it’s like it’s updating, but not taking it? I’m running out of ideas here. My other Brook PCBs never give me this problem. But I’m kinda dumb to know how to check what’s on the PCB.


I did a time lapse, tutorial type thingie.

Feel free to give me feedback if I’m wrong or there is a better way to do X or Y


Some people consider it a forgone conclusion that you’ll inevitably need to pause video during these kinds of tutorials, but seldom do I see it advised before the fun starts. Good work.

I have two suggestions for the future.

  1. Get yourself a good mic. It will be worth it.
  2. You can reduce over-exposure w/ color correction in either Final Cut Pro or Premiere.


I recently put in a universal fighting board on my custom stick. And I started to notice that there’s a delay on the stick input. Whenever I move the stick forward or back, there’s a like a stored input or that a dash comes out if I tap it once. I wasn’t sure if it was a stick problem itself or if it’s a pcb problem. Just trying to limit what the problem can be.


you may try to do firmware update


Just thought I’d post in here as well. Been having problems with my madcatz TE2+ ezy mod Brooks UFB.

Getting “unknown device” on win 7, when connecting to PC.

Registers fine when connected with start & select held down.

Blinking “LED3” light on the EZMOD TE2+ Board.

Modded with brooks UFB, Updated safely to 2.0

Won’t register at all on ps4 either.

Anyone else experienced this issue?


How are you connecting to PC? Using the regular wire or connecting to the USB port inside your stick?


The original te2+ wires screwed in to the EZMOD board, had the EZMOD UFB for a year.


What kind of solder should I use for touch pad function?


Standard electrical solder, rosin flux core
lead base if its allowed in your area if not don’t worry


say for example you mess up the wires on the TE2+ wires that are connected to the PCB, is there anyway to salvage that? those wires are so fine and tiny, i can’t ever get a good clean strip job, just taking preventative maintenance like anyway to get that 5 pin connector?



Do you have another pro cable connector to try to connect the TE2+ to the PC with ? The pro cable is the usb cable you screw into the front of your madcatz to connect it to pc/console. If you don’t check out this:

But before you order that, I’d try connecting the stick to the PC straight from the Brook board with a USB B to A cable. It should power the EZ mod this way as well and you’ll be able to see if it can connect as a valid device then. If you have the Brook attached to the TE2+ case button with those sticky things, pry it up with a thin flat head screwdriver and be really careful not to stress the board too much. Good luck!


I subbed out the Pro Cables, nothing changed.

PC doesn’t recognize the stick unless I’m holding Start & Select for updating.

Manual Mode doesn’t work for recognition, PS4 has power to the stick. Cycles through the LED’s before not registering.

I’ve got power to cycle through DP LS RS, and Turbo. That’s all.

I’ll investigate USB B to A, but I’d prefer a solution which didn’t require me to pull the UFB board loose.

Is it simply a power supply issue for the USB cable? I triple checked the wiring for the screw ins for the native USB screw ins and it’s all good.

I’ve sent a ticket to Brooks just in case, but if anyone else here has a solution that would be much appreciated.


Hi guys, does anyone know a source in the UK/EU to get the 20 pin wiring harnesses for the UFB? I ended up ordering one from Arcadeshock, but in the future I’d like to avoid shipping delays + shipping costs if possible.