Brook Universal Fighting Board Thread


Yes, though it’s for all of Brook’s current fighting board products, not just the UFB. Check it:

By the way, it’s just “Brook.” Singular. Not plural. Brooks is a running shoe brand.

The existence of multiple Brook pcbs isn’t news to me, but the fact that the official touchpad panel failing to work with only the UFB… is. That’s a real shame. I guess I’m glad I never pulled the trigger on that eBay listing earlier this week. Thanks for the help guys.

I think I says “Brooks” because of yet another B-r-o-o-k brand that is more on my radar than that of the running shoe: Brooks England.

The touchpad is only used as a button in most fighting games as a reset mechanism for training mode. Why is it such a big deal? Wire up a button to “TPKey” and ground for reset function, and call it a day.

The UFB emulates touch functions if needed:

Put in the Brooks Board into my Qanba Q4, only issue is I don’t have a home button which is problematic with a PS4. What do I need to buy to make this work? Any help appreciated

The easy way (not recommended): drill, some wire, quick disconnects, crimp tool and a 24mm button
The not so easy way: soldering iron, solder, and some wire
The not so easy way (alt): crimp tool, JST (PH or XH) pins and connectors, some wire

The easiest way would probably be to plug the ribbon cable back into the green PCB, figure out which wire is for the Home button, then connect the other end of that wire to the Brook board. Also, there’s another thread that is better suited for your question: Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

True. Just make sure you trace a ground connection for Home from that board too.

I have been reading through the entire thread and I am unclear of 2 things:

  1. Has the ability to use PS + OPTION (or START) to update firmware ever been added? (seems to have been planned 2 years ago in this quote from Zippy)
  2. Can we use PS + TPKEY (instead of SHARE for SELECT) to update firmware?

Would be nice to have OPTION+PS for updating.

Please no. TPKey doesn’t always exist on modded sticks, and only worth when you play on PS4 and with a game which has the TPkey binded.

Uh… no, please. Things are a-ok where they are.

Man…I feel so left out, not owning a PS4.

plug back the ribbon cable to the daughter pcb where the home and guide buttons are. wire gnd to ground, select to start on brook, option to select, and home to home. you can also put turbo to tpkey but that would require soldering. i did one for a friend today and even connected the player leds.

Guys, I was just asking if it was possible to use PS + TPKEY to trigger firmware updates as an alternative to PS + SHARE.

I only have 3 buttons on my stick for PS (HOME), OPTION (START) and SHARE (SELECT) or TPKEY (SELECT). Just wanted to know if I can replace SHARE for TPKEY since I know it also counts as SELECT on other consoles. I still want to retain the ability to trigger firmware updates.

@“GOGO.Zippy” can you help answer these questions?

  1. Has the ability to use PS (HOME) + OPTION (START) to update firmware ever been added? (you spoke of adding it to the UFB about 2 years ago)
  2. Is it possible to use PS (HOME) + TPKEY (instead of SHARE since TPKEY is also SELECT) to update firmware?

i will discuss with Zippy about that

Thank you so much!

Having issues on Windows 10 where sometimes after boot it will say USB Device Unrecognized. After I plug it out and in again it will work. Any fix for this? I’m on the newest firmware.

USB cable going bad maybe?

Tried two different USB cables same issue.

maybe try another PC
in fact, as long as it is good, you don’t have to worry about anything

It just occurred to me: how about providing on-the-fly button remapping for the Brook UFB, even if the configuration is lost between sessions (after disconnecting/turning off the energy source)? Better than physically switching wires for specific scenarios (e.g., ones involving converters), so I’d definitely appreciate it. It doesn’t sound like a difficult feature to implement…