Brook Universal Fighting Board Thread


Any platform specifically? I can’t recall having any disconnections on my UFB-based Panzer but it has mostly been connected to a PC.


Has anyone hooked up an xbox1 atrox to the UFB? I’m trying to figure out how to connect the lock/home buttons.


I did for a friend about a while back but I don’t have a pic of it on hand. I’ll see about getting one if someone isn’t able to help you.


Also, asking in the [The-razer-arcade-stick-thread/](The Razer Arcade Stick Thread! would probably be a good idea.


I’ve just wired up a Brook UFB to my new Hitbox. Everything works great. I want to make an SOCD toggle so I’ve put a rocker switch in my Hitbox. If I wire/solder J2/4 and J2/5 Up to the “ACC” in this diagram

Then connect the rocker switch to my GND, everything should work OK right?

sorry, I’m a newb when it comes to switches.


Cool, I’ll go check on that thread as well as I have yet to find an answer or schematic. If you find a pic and can share it would be much appreciated. Thanks!


I’d sure like this. Or at least a button combination to emulate the touchpad, since there’s a million games that use it, and not all of them support legacy drivers.


There already is a button to emulate the touchpad…


Hello guys.
I dont have Brook Universal fighting board for now. But I need the detailed dimensions of the pcb. I couldn’t find anywhere. Please someone help me ?


Still searching for that xb1 atrox to UFB tut/schematic for the home/lock buttons. Anyone out there can help?

Heres a pic of where I’m currently stuck:


Anyone know of some common issues that can cause disconnects with the ufb? Was at frosty this weekend playing tekken all day Friday and Saturday and I got one disconnect randomly. Not a huge thing as it may have been a fluke but it was during tournament so I was pretty salty.

I have it dual modded with a cthulu and an impv2 would that cause issues with drawing too much power? I talked to another guy with a brook board at tournament we both had a pad player wired in and we both disconnected. Might not be related.


@jopamo yes, there is. However it requires soldering and a dedicated button for it. On the old PS360+ board you could hold start+select to make it so it worked as your home button. What I’m asking for is something similar for the touchpad.


I’d hate to burst your bubble, but this has been asked before on this thread. Perhaps the engineering team may cave and grant your wish—but it hasn’t happened thus far. Set your expectations accordingly.

P.S. You don’t have to solder, crimping is a viable alternative. Also, unless you’ve got a B15SDM or Foehammer one-off—what’s wrong with a little drill action? It doesn’t have to be a 24 or 30mm hole. I’ve seen people here rock 10,12 or 16mm buttons for touchpad duty.


Here’s a silly explanation but it holds true; Electrostatic current can be a problem when your hands touch the case of the stick and any metal parts of it conduct a shock, a slight shock, sometimes even unnoticeable, this shock sends a current or load that causes the UFB to disconnect, the solution would be to ground the case or bolts, or whatever metal parts are connected to the base like done in arcade cabinets, also the VSHG does such. Electrostatic charges can become a repeated problem in the winter specially in electric heated areas. Rugs/carpet with a heavy amount synthetic fibers can also be a source of electrostatic charges, specially if you like to lounge in your sox.


@jopamo Well that sucks. I don’t have space on my Stick to put another button, the sides are made of carbon fiber and aren’t connected to the box, It would dismantle if I drilled a hole for another button. And I don’t have a drill pronto, so uhh… All alternatives aren’t really viable for me.


Got pics?


Here is what I did.

Basically I used 2 of the 5 wires that comes from the front panel.

If your cable looks different look at this image, specifically the 5 pins on the left. The 2nd and 3rd (starting from the top) are the two that you want. The 2nd is for the home button and the 3rd is the ground for it. I don’t remember if the lock continues to function but the home button should be working.


Bless your soul. Thank you for this!


I want to purchase a Brook Universal fighting board because the PCB on my Mad Catz TE Street Fighter IV has stopped functioning. I see that most fenders offer the Brook fighting board with or without header connectors.

Should I purchase the board with or without the headers?

what is the advantage of having with the headers?

I’ll be using the fightstick meanly on PC and Xbox 1

Thanks for reading.


Hi, I have some issues with ps4, when I connect the stick to ps4 works fine but few minuts later stops working, don’t appear the disconect notify but ps4 don’t detect inputs. But if I connect in manual mode pushing 2P the pcb works fine and not disconect.

I think it’s provably what happens with jassens panzer :*
PD: Mine it’s not a panzer but I have the same pcb.