Brook Universal Fighting Board Thread


How long does Brook customer service take to get back to you? I’m going on to my third week waiting for the representative to send a third response back. I tried using the number that was given, that does not connect to anything.



I probably will build my first hitbox with this Brook FB (the PS4/PC one). For this purpose, is enough to:

1. Buy the board and the buttons
2. Wire everything together
3. Download firmware
4. Plug&play

Or am I missing anything important?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, I am new at this world.


Yup. That’s about it. Good luck


This seems like a bit of a wild goose chase, but I’m looking for a way to get my UFB Hitbox to work on a SNES. I haven’t found any workable solutions yet other than just installing a PS360+ but I would really love to avoid having to do that, I don’t really want to have to swap PCBs or carry multiple sticks. How impossible is this task?


Brook PS3/PS4 to PS2 Super Converter + ToToTEK PS2 to SNES Adapter :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t realize adapter chaining was actually possible :open_mouth:


It is, it’s just not recommended.
The better solution is chain a Undammed USB decoder to a SNES Controller PCB.


Hey guys. I’m considering picking up a Brook board as part of Jasens’ Panzer Fight Stick kit and I am just wondering on current impressions - Do most people still recommend the Brook Universal Fighting Board? Or is the PS4+Audio seemingly the newer advancement? I notice that many are using the latter today so I just was wondering.

This stick will primarily be used on PC (XInput and/or directinput if supported). I may also use it for the Nintendo Switch (which I have) and possibly PS4 (which I may pick up sometime), but PC will still be primary. I know that both models can handle PC (Windows, Linux) play just fine with little if any difference between them, am I correct? I read that the UFB now has even Switch support which is nice - is that something that the PS4+Audio can also do with a firmware upgrade?

I suppose the main additional feature found on the PS4+Audio is the Audio, right? What exactly can this support? Is it similar to a PS4 or XBOne controller where you plug in a 3.5mm jack w/4-poles into your stick and you get both headphone and mic connectivity? It looks like the PS4+ has a few other possible features supported as well?

Can anyone compare the UFB vs PS4+ in today’s usage? Thanks


Get the UFB for Switch support. To my knowledge, the PS4+ Audio board does not have it.


This requires soldering the USB decoder output to the SNES controller PCB right? Thats a bit out of my skill range right now :confused:


Thanks. I was thinking perhaps it would come to PS4+ Audio too as a new development in a firmware upgrade. Are there any other meaningful differences between the two? What about regarding mods that may have to connect/work with the board like RGB LED controllers etc? I see that some newer builds and whatnot here on the forum seem to be using the PS4+Audio so I was wondering why it may be advantageous.


The UFB is still king, if you ask me. Adding audio while playing on the PS4 pales in comparison to supporting multiple other consoles, IMO.




I had the same dilemma and just pulled the trigger on the UFB. The only reason i considered the PS4+ for the audio is when I play local casuals and wanted to be able to get audio cues in SFV. I decided that wasn’t important enough and glad I made this decision.


It sounds unlikely, but any chance Brook would release firmware update on the UFB to future gen console support (PS5, Xbox One X)?


It COULD happen but it will depend on what type of authentication (if any) will be used for the next gen system controllers. I think we might be passed the days of everything working like the PS3.

Also it depends if Brook wants to be in the game at all next gen. Akishop did say there was gonna be some sort of solution for the PS360+ but never saw the light of day.


UFB can work well on Xbox one X


I’m looking at getting one of these for my PS3 TE Round 1. How much soldering is needed, and do I have to use the existing USB cable? Mines been damaged.


I bought it for my PS3 TE Round 1. I bought the version with the header and I did zero soldering but I also replaced the the original PCB. There’s Youtube videos showing the mod while keeping the original PCB as well.


@CryptiK search Teck Talk forums for TE turbo/home panel replacement boards from @gummo or @The_Real_Phoenix

Either of those boards will be much more plug and play with the Brook UFB than working with the original turbo/home panel pcb.