Brook Universal Fighting Board Thread


I just wired my UFB up last night. Tested it now with Fightcade and all the buttons and everything works fine. I plugged it into my Xbox One and tested it with MKX. And I got a message saying it needs to update my controller. I read the UFB wont let anything just update it, so I am not worried about that. I do think it needs an update though.

I checked the Brook website and there are UFB firmware updates in the Xbox One and PS4 sections. I didn’t check in the other consoles lists. Am I supposed to download each update for each console, or just any one update? They are all V2.0 so it seems they may all be the same thing.


Updated the UFB with the PS4 software. It still works in Fightcade. Tested it on the the Xbox One with MKX and the directional inputs are swapped. Left is Right, Right is Left. Up is Down, Down is Up. The other buttons work fine. Pressing the home button though doesn’t do anything.

Tested it on the PS4 and there is nothing. It doesn’t seem to even notice the stick is connected.


On Xbox one, please skip updated message.
We have fixed updated message plugged on Xbox one everytime.
If you wanted it, I can offer a link for beta .


Thank you @“GOGO.Zippy”

I realized the message was something I could just ignore. And I have gotten past that part.

I also heard from my mate who had been using the stick the last couple of weeks. He turned the joystick around and remapped the inputs in Fightcade. So to fix the inverted movement I just flipped the actual joystick around and it was all good after that. I also noticed he had swapped some of the buttons around as well. So I fixed that too.

The stick is working on both the Xbox One and the PS4, the PC too. Haven’t had a chance to test it on other consoles yet.

However there is a new problem I am having.
When I press a button such as punch, and hold it in, it does one punch. If I then release it and press and hold the same button again, it will repeatedly punch. Sort of like a turbo function. If I release it and press and hold it in again, it will do one single punch. If I release it and press and hold it again, it will continue to do repeating punches. And this pattern just keeps repeating itself. And it is the same with all of the buttons.

It does that on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. So I would assume its either a wiring issue or a firmware problem. I am leaning towards a firmware issue because of how its so consistent. And I haven’t got a turbo button connected.

Any advice would be really appreciated.


How embarrassing. I opened it up to take some pics and the SGND cable was sitting neatly on the Turbo button solder point. I must have opened it up a few times double checking the wiring. And it was clean. It must have been sitting perfectly that when I closed it all back up it made connection but when open it would pull itself back. Cut the SGND cable right back and re applied the insulation glue to it. It all seems fine now. So that must have been it.


Hey all, maybe this question has been answered (I haven’t ready through 100% of the post here but I’ve tried), but I’m looking for the parts for the Brook Universal Fight Board highlighted here.

I’ve tried measuring and buying the parts on my own but I ended up with the wrong parts. Any help would be appreciated.


I have the same question! I got this board for Christmas and have all the basics working fine, but I’d like to connect the player id lights if I can find a cable harness or connector. I’ve searched high and low - the closest I’ve come are these connectors 4 pin and 5 pin(but I’m not 100% sure so I’ve continued looking)


@thisRalf and @FalconX

Those are JST PH Connectors, respectively 5pin and 4pin, pitch 2.00mm (0.079").


Thanks! Making my own is a whole new world for me, but I think it could be fun. I found JST PH connectors on (and the crimps). Now I’m just deciding if buying the tooland box of wire is going to be worth it in the long run. Obviously not worth for just this small “nice to have” of player id lights, but maybe I’ll find other things to tinker with.


I want to put a new PCB in my Wii U TE stick.
Will the UFB be able to use the panel with the home/turbo/lock functions on it, or should I remove that?


Gentleman and a scholar, that is what you are. Thanks!


It’s doable, but me or @Gummo made custom PCB who replace the front panel and simplify the installation.


I was wondering if anyone would know if there are plans for a hardware update (or replacement model) to either the UFB or PS4+Audio in 2018? I don’t know how frequently it would be worthwhile for Brook to to update the hardware since it seems the firmware can thankfully be updated to enable new features, but I thought I’d ask.

Thanks to Brook for making such well supported/updated devices and especially for allowing their reps to have a presence here on SRK forums!


@RanceJustice They just recently updated the PS4+ Audio in 2017 to use USB B output instead of micro USB. There’s really no need to update the hardware on the UFB. It’s perfect in design. We’ll see what happens with the next gen of consoles, if they will bring out a new board, etc. If you’re mainly a PC gamer you’re set for the long run with your UFB or PS4+ board until it goes out…


I was thinking of getting Brook UFB. Would it be easy enough to swap the PCB in the Hori Real Arcade Pro v3 for this instead? I have yet to open up that stick so I’m not sure what the internals look like.


I’ve got two dumb questions on the Brook UFB since I’m planning for my first project (a hitbox).

First of all the grounding in the connecting details picture confuses me a little. Is there any reason you shouldn’t just daisy chain grounding for directional inputs, system buttons and attack buttons together? I understand why there’s a separate grounding for the directional inputs as joysticks come with their own ground, but the system buttons confuse me a little.

Secondly related to this:

Does attaching the JST 4 pin connectors to the Touchpad/R3/L3 spot require soldering? No store in Europe has the version with headers in stock. I’ve found a vendor in my country that sells the required items where I was going to order a Neutrik USB gender changer and some adhesive PCB feet anyhow so might as well order them. I may end up just buying the harness from USA at some point due to being lazy. (Yes, I would have 3 buttons in my case doing nothing till’ then).


Can anyone tell me what I need from the Razer Panthera part below to wire to my brook UFB?


Can we expect there to be an update giving us emulated home button, l3, and r3?


I’ve got an xb1 atrox and just picked up the UFB. I couldn’t find a mention of this, but how do you connect the home button to the UFB? I’ve seen others mention that the lock functionally will be lost which I’m fine with but both the lock and home button are harnessed together (1 white wire and 3 black). Do I cut the pin connector off on the end and feed one/two of these wires into the UFB?


Quick question on PS4+ Audio Multi Console Board:
Can the USB port on the breakout board be used as the PCB’s USB port, or does it serve some other function?