Brook Universal Fighting Board Thread


Amigos los led necesitan resistencia?.


I have a UFB in a stick that was soldered poorly. It currently isn’t working sometimes because I believe the solder points are touching for the USB connection. If I were to just plug in a USB into the provided port on the board, would it ignore the poorly soldered connection, or will I need to clean that up?


If you brigdged any of the solderpoints i would definitely clean it up first, if not it should be fine


Hola amigo, te invito a utilizar los hilos que corresponden para este tipo de preguntas.

En particular este hilo es para la placa Brook UFB y no tiene nada que ver con las luces LED.

Para responder tu pregunta, la utilización de luces LED con resistencias es super recomendada para cualquier tipo de uso, no necesariamente con una placa de controles de ps4 ni nada. Por lo que te recomiendo vayas por las resistencias si o si aunque sea una placa qanba, madcatz, hori, etc.

saludos y bendiciones.


Hi happy fellows!
I still have my old HORI HRAP Soulcalibur V (xbox 360 version) and I want to “update” this joystick (for PS4 and Xbox one).
I searched the net for a good explanation on how to install the Brook Universal Fighting Board for my specific joystick… but I can’t find anything.
I have some questions:
1 Can I install the Universal Fighting Board and still use the special buttons on the joystick, such as:

  • Turbo
  • Turbo Hold
  • Turbo Speed
  • Left-Stick and Right-Stick Buttons
  • Button Assignment

2 What about the headset port? Can I Connect it to the Brook Universal Fighting Board?

3 Do I need some extra cables when I order Brook Universal Fighting Board?
like for example USB A-B Cable, Neutrik USB Passthrough or a 20-Pin Vertical Header?


I continue with the same problem, the manual selection with 2P don’t work, I suppose that I don’t try enough time…
The controller stops working and mantain the signal of the input pushed when the controller stops…

This only occur in PS4, in PC works perfectly


@Erep Have you upgraded the firmware on your PCB? head over to Brooks website and fine the latest software for the Brook UFB and follow the directions. Sounds like it’s getting a 8 minute timeout due to old firmware.


@VarmintBaby yes, I’ve upgraded today just in case but the problem persists


After i updated my PS4 to 5.50 firmware my Brook UFB got 8minutes timeout. Any idea how to solve that ? or just wait for brook to update the firmware ?


I was still on ONLINE-201707 and also started getting the 8 minute timeout today after updating my PS4, but that isn’t the latest firmware. I updated to ONLINE-201801 and all is working fine again (even though the patch notes don’t say anything about it).

Edit: I was wrong. Apparently the updater installed 20180309 (aka “version 22”) but I didn’t realize it. This is the update that fixes the 8 minute timeout issue.


yesterday i updated to Online-201801 but still have problem .


I just updated my Universal using the online updater, and it said it was version 22, and the board no longer times out with my PlayStation 4’s 5.50 firmware. I’m assuming this means it’s version 2.2, as the previous Universal update was 2.1. My guess is that the update – at least for the Universal – is now online, but Brook hasn’t yet made mention of it (as they’ll probably want to announce updates for all of the boards and converters at once).

TL;DR: Using the online updater fixes the problem now.


the updates are live (except some of the mac versions are still missing atm). just be patient with the server as everyones trying to download atm.


As jonyfraze indicated, the updates are live. Brook made a post with a link to Dropbox downloads as well, since their site is getting slammed:


Is anyone else getting dropped frames on the new update? I swear im trying this with a programmable controller and 1 frame inputs arent read anymore.


Hey guys. Having trouble with the updater for version “22” to fix the new timeout issue. My stick works fine on my PC but the updater won’t recognize it no matter what I do. Should the screen change when the stick is identified? And yes, I’m holding down the buttons while plugging in.

Also, my PC gives me the “usb plugged in” sound when I plug the stick in, but immediately it also gives the “usb device plugged out” sound. However, the stick always works in Tekken on Steam…

Any tips for me? Gonna try on a friends CPU and worst case scenario I’ll also try to switch out the usb-cable. Tournament on PS4 this weekend…


I’m actually having the same exact problem Cyrox1 is having. My Brook Universal board is hooked up using the gunmo te2ezpz board would that have an effect?

EDIT: I found the answer, If you are using the Gunmo EZPZ board you need to hold the red bootloader button on the pcb while plugging in instead of select/share + ps . This requires you open the stick up obviously but it works like a charm


Did you figure it out in time?


I haven’t noticed any on my X360/XBONE to PS4 while playing DBFZ online.


Yep, sorted it out. I’m ashamed to say that I was holding down the wrong buttons. I usually play on PC but I was still sure where I had my share/PSN/select/start buttons, but I had them wrong in my head lol.

Held down the correct buttons and everything worked as it should. My bad lol…

EDIT: Won the tournament tho. o/