Brook Universal Fighting Board Thread


Can the 4-pin usb header be used at the same time as the Usb B port?
I was wanting to see if i could install a usb led strip while the usb b port is used at the same time.
I wanna say the 4-pin usb header is labeled J6-1 on the board.;canvasHeight=350;canvasWidth=350


You may very well run into intermittent power issues at best, and a complete power cutout of the Brook board at worst. USB (typically, at least non-USB 3.1 G2[type-c]) only pumps out 5V at up to 1.5A(BC 1.2) It can be done I’m sure, but a step-up converter or chargeable internal battery with an aux board supplying stored current may be required.

AFAIK the header and port combo on the UFB (or PS4+A) are an “either/or” scenario—not both.

Be safe and drill another hole with another passthru. I did that on my Retropie stick with on-board battery, using an Adafruit Powerboost board to charge the batt that runs the pi. I’m pretty sure an LED strip (at least if you keep color at the red-side of the spectrum) could run effectively if I could so this with a Raspberry Pi

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Is there any chance that this board will get direct input support? 360 mode is ok for most modern games but older ones either don’t recognize the trigger buttons (3K and 4K) as buttons so they can’t be mapped, or the stick isn’t detected at all.

I switched from a ps360+ to the UFB and I really liked the ps360+'s PC mode. Would it somehow be possible to use both boards at once so that the UFB would be used for consoles and the ps360+ would be used for PCs?


Dual mod it using the 20 pin header. I haven’t compared the two, since PS360s aren’t available any more, but totally doable. You’d need a DPDT switch though.


Xinput doesn’t work?



Thanks. I’ll look into that.
Could an existing ls/dp/rs switch be used instead of DPDT switch? If it can’t it’s fine but it’d make things a lot easier.

From what I understand, 360 mode is the xinput mode and that has the problems I described above.


Maybe try the ps3 mode. It would be 2P as you plug it into the computer based on what the Q and A I linked.


The only mode that’s detected as a controller is the 360 mode. I could probably get ps3 or ps4 mode working on my own computer by installing the drivers for those controllers but if I bring this stick to a tournament, I would want it to be recognized as a direct input device so I don’t have to worry about whether someone else has the right drivers installed.