Brook Universal Fighting Board Thread


@Cyphen Is there a LS RS DP switch on it? Try putting it in DP or LS mode to see if it will work then.


As per your suggestion, I tried all of the steps (including hitting the guide button) with the LS/RS/DP switch changed to each of the three positions. No change. None of the buttons work, either, so I wouldn’t think it’s anything to do with a joystick switch. Looking at the photos, it looks like the LS/RS/DP part of the board isn’t even hooked up? That’s a bit disappointing, if so, but not the problem I’m focused on solving.

Again, I’m happy to try any troubleshooting steps anyone can suggest, or other fixing-suggestions.



  1. Input sensitivity improvement

sorry if this is a stupid question, but what exactly does this mean?


@Cyphen I suggested that because on my Panzer, if I put it in RS mode, the directional buttons don’t work, as well as the Start and Home and Share buttons. Its not supposed to do that, ifs just a weird thing. Anyway, I would just go to paradise arcadeshop and order their Brook PS3/4 Fighting board with the breakout board already soldered onto it. It’s cheap if you just play on PS3/4 and PC. Good luck!


Thanks for the suggestion, but my UFB-modded stick works fine on PS3/4. I’m trying to resolve an issue where I can’t get it to work on an Xbox One platform, which the PS3/4 Fighting board would not resolve.

If anyone on this thread can maybe see something wrong with the installation based on the photos, or has any more troubleshooting steps for me to try, I’d appreciate any council you could render!


if you plug it in to a PC without any button held down, what system does it default to?


None! When I hold down 1K I get “Pokken Controler”, when I hold down 2P I get “P 4 Controller”, etc, just like I’m supposed to. But when I do it with NO button held down (or when I do it with 4P held down) the JOY.CPL list doesn’t populate with anything, even through in both cases it’s supposed to populate with “Xbox One” controller.

I actually shot a quick video of it to share with the Brook guys, and I can link it here:!An08e4nkeCpHhfRPv4YsRaf_CrbleQ
(sorry in advance for my annoying voice).

I also shot a video of the fightstick working fine on my Xbox 360, but not working on my Xbox One:!An08e4nkeCpHhfROPAeXvdB2wp91EA

It really feels like everything except for the Xbox One functionality is working fine. I mean, except for selecting-your-joystick with the LS/DP/RS switch, which I don’t think RoyalFlush hooked up.


Only think I can suggest but it’ll be annoying for you, is disconnecting on the screw in and just have power to the board, I feel some wire might be crossed or misplaced. It might be hard for you since you didn’t put this mod together.

When was the last time you updated it?

no need to mod LS/DP/RS, the ufb can do that Left + Start 3 sec LS, UP + Start 3 sec, DP, Right + Start 3 sec RS


Hello everyone,

My brook universal board has issues when in xbox one mode. The home button isn’t consistent at bringing up the xbox one home interface. It’ll work after maybe a random amount of presses or if I hold it sometimes. Also has the same issuewhen trying to activate steam big picture mode on pc when in xbox one mode)

When used in 360 mode on pc I have no issues with activating Steam big picture mode. Also works perfect on my ps3. (No ps4 or xbox 360 to test)

Anyone else have this issue before or am I the first person to use one of these boards on the xbone?

Thanks in advanced.

P.S. Is there anyway to perma lock the pcb into 360 mode so I don’t have to hold the R1 button? I’m primarily on pc so 360 mode is optimal for all the games I play.


How would one change the socd behavior to be forward + back = last input on a UFB?


I get the exact same issue after updating to v23 of the firmware. I had the one with the v5.5 Ps4 fix, but I saw that there was a newer from June with “Input sensitivity improvements”. My stick works fine on my PS4 and 360 mode on the pc, but the guide button just doesn’t work on Xbox One mode in either PC or on the console. It’s very inconsistent and also seems to affect the joystick once it does register an input on the console. It as if the joystick doesn’t have repeat delay after the guide button input.


Hey dude

I got a hold of brook via their support email. They sent me a beta fix via google drive. Here’s the link.


Awesome, thanks a lot! Appears to be working again after that.


Is it possible to hook up all buttons (Start/Share/Home/R3/L3/etc) of the Qanba Obsidian to the Brook UFB without the EZ mod? If so, how?


If they use standard button wires, meaning quick disconnects, you can do it. If not you’ll need the EZ Mod.


Profound sadness.


Hello, I can’t figure out how the turbo button works and didn’t find anything online about it. I’m using the ufb on a custom stick with Sanwa components


you mean how to connect? or how to make it work?

If you already have it connected to a button just press turbo + the button you want this function to work with…

Then press and hold that button to make it autofire.


Thanks, I hooked it up but apparently it’s not working, will have to test more


the turbo thing is TBKey or something

Touchpad key es TPKey

Turbo is next to TBLed or something… i can’t remember as of right now… also don’t forget to update your firmware!