Brook Universal Fighting Board

Hello Everyone,

Long time lurker who finally registered to this cool site. I’ve checked for weeks for an answer to my question, but can’t seem to find a definitive answer.

I’m gonna buy a Kraylix 2-player kit in the next few weeks. Plan on running both a PS3 and Xbox360 (while possibly adding a PC later. Was reading up on the PS360+, but can’t seem to find it in stock anywhere. Looks like the go-to board for my needs now is the Brook Universal.

My question is this: Know I will need to get a Brook Board for each individual player. But since I’m running 2 systems, can I wire both console systems to a single Brook Board? Or will I need to buy 4 of them (2 for each player and each system) ? Hopefully not, as that’s quite a bit of coin!!!

Or can someone recommend another board that will handle my needs that’s less costly? I’d like to be able to run each stick in both analog and digital; as well as use Player 2 controls for Player One for those games that require two sticks.

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide!!!

PS360 + was the best answer to get both PS3 and 360.

MC Cthulhu is awesome, supports PS3, PC, and many other retro consoles but to get 360 functionality you would have to padhack.

In the end your best option is to get a Brook or forgo 360 functionality.

You only need 1 board for each player so 2 boards total. If you wanted to get 360 functionality then you could get some Brook Super Converters on top of these but really it would only be a hair cheaper.

Also I’m gonna do the requisite check the forum thing.

In any case welcome sir! Enjoy your stay.

A little confused. Are you buying two physical Kraylix 2-player kits or just one Kraylix 2-player kit?

Anyway a Brook Universal PCB does PS3, X360, PS4 and Xbone. So you would only need two Brook Universal PCB’s (one for player one and another for player two).

Now if you’re buying two separate Kraylix 2-player kits (so you can house a X360 in one and a PS3 in another), that’s a different setup, and would say, yeah you’d need more PCBs. Though I guess you could wire it to switch between the two cabinets, but then you have questions about where you’re putting the PCBs to wire them to both cabinets, and splitting out the USB connection. Which after all of that, I don’t know how worth it would be to do all of that.

Sorry, Monkey Governor if my post was unclear. I’m only buying (1) 2-player kit. I wasn’t sure that since I plan on running (2) consoles if I’d need to then buy (4) pcbs - one each for each player and console. I couldn’t find a definitive answer in my internet searches if you could wire two different consoles to each Brook pcb.

What are people doing for this type setup?

Thank you for the fast reply, FuryOfFrog. I’ll have to check into the Super Converters. Also, btw, i did come across the thread you referenced. Spent quite a bit of time going through all the pages, but couldn’t find an answer to my question. But I “thank you” for still including it. Much appreciated.

This is all kind of new to me, so just don’t want to waste money ordering parts that don’t get me what I desire or need.

Again, any help is appreciated. I will continue to search these forums though:)


2 PCBS, one for each controller.

Get 2 Brooks, go to the trading outlet on SRK set up a WTB 2x PS360 +, or get 2x MC Cthulhu and 2x IMPs and get 2 360 boards (you can get them at Paradise or Focus Attack) and hack them together.


2x MC Cthulhu ($25) = $50
2x Brook Super Converter PS3 to 360 ($30) = $60

2 Cthulhu + 2 Super Converter = $110


Get 2 Brook UFB at $90 a piece ($180) and get XB1 and PS4 Functionality and future proof yourself.

Really the latter is the best option still. That or Trading Outlet. Please check out the trading outlet here. Its quite useful.

Edit: Sorry man. It didn’t seem like you read what I wrote for a moment. You must have wrote the reply after I started writing. Apologies for seeming impatient.

No, worries. All your insight is much appreciated…