Brook Universal PCB + MC Cthulhu PCB in one Joystick Case?

You only need to run one ground line between them, doesn’t need to be for every signal line. The ground connection you’re tapping can come from anywhere in the chain as well. And yes, you can skip the DPDT switch with two different jacks.

Good day to you all guys!

I am planning to do the same as OP to 2 of my sticks. Both are utilizing the UFB and wanted to parallel have the MCC for retro consoles compatibility.
I am a noob though when comes to modding and I really don’t have anyone to assist in further as I live in Greece, Athens.

I would be grateful if any assistance can be given for accomplishing the task "myself"
or an arrangement for such modding by sending you over my sticks
or even proposing someone willingful to do the job (preferably in Europe).

Btw @FreedomGundam if you could reupload quoted photo for reference and educational purposes, it would be wonderful.


I’ll reupload the image when I get home. Photobucket has decided to be stupid recently, so ~10 years worth of images that I’ve posted on forums are now broken.


Here we go.

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Thank you so much! Your diagram is pretty straight forward.
I ve faced some issue with photobucket as well… Unbelievable.

But I am still skeptical with it - i am a defo noob and never soldered before,
so I think this is not the right project for me to “learn”, although seems easy.

Btw do you happen to know anyone who’s willing to take over this mod within Europe? (against payment ofcourse)

Pm me if this publicly cannot be discussed…

Really appreciate your help


It’s never too late to learn to solder (just make sure to wear eye protection and work in a well-ventilated area).

If you’re looking for someone in your area to do the mod work for you, you can see the list of available modders here:


You’re probably right I guess… I will look into it. Thanks man

There is plenty of how to solder video on you tube.
They can teach good habits and technique, all left on your end is practice
Get some pref board or something already broken to practice on

@Darksaul already started studying!! Will post my results

I cant wait til someone produces this setup but in a simple ezpz package.

thanks guys, i basically followed this thread and here’s what happened…

modded '09 sf4 TE Dual mod with Mc Cthulhu & Brooks PS4 audio. Ribbon cable and some jumpers mean it’s pretty easy to drop a BUFB in there for the one stick rules all setup.

first time i’ve ever soldered, the 8 lines to the MC Cthulhu, now i’m addicted. this weekend I added the switch so i can use the neutrik port for both pcbs.

shout outs to gharling for doing the mod back in the day, as i essentially just copied his work.

still a few bits left, want to put a rainbow ribbon cable in there because grey is boring, and maybe a screw terminal or something so i can pull out the Cthulhu without cutting or soldering. plus i could like to cut away some more of those useless button holes inside the body.

Genious. I have a similar setup in my hrap3 using a ps360+ (using neutrik rj45 jack) and a brook UFB (using neutrik USB-B jack)

what are the drilled buttons for? :open_mouth:

@Torta the ones in the cable bay? left is share/select and the right one is PS/guide. they’re nicely hidden so no accidental presses. the blue flex tubing is for the PS4+ audio pass through.

i swapped out the original select button for the touchpad. the layout along the back is a bit odd tbh!

Great space management. The Neutrik and the 24mm button next to it concern me as far as the CP buttons go but I’m sure it just looks that way and everything sits well. I like how you proceeded to cut some of the casing. I’m not a big fan of that casing around the buttons, never understood the purpose of it.

many thanks @electricgrave. by cp do you mean the turbo/guide panel? i took that out a few years back so there’s no button bumps there. my guide button does kinda sit closely between LP & MP but mostly those knuckleduster holes causing trouble. they don’t seem to add anything to the structural integrity, my only regret is not cutting the 5th and 6th holes as well.

here’s the top and sides as i realise i haven’t posted pics -

also here’s an ass shot so you can see how the buttons in the cable area just about avoid touching anything - just have to make sure share/select is rotated a certain way or the pins for the stick push against it.

Yeah, that looks great, I love it how the top is super clean. Love the art of Vampire Savior as well, that concept art is amazing, the OST as well.

I should have worded things better; I meant the bottom housing where the holes are lined up with the buttons. I never really understood the purpose of having those holes in the casing like that, why not just a big hole and still retain some of the frame by going around, would make for better access, specially after noting time and again they were making these with people like us in mind.

It’s nothing to do with you of course, it’s just rantings of a pleb.

cheers dude, it’s nice to have some feedback as mrs smang just looks at me blankly when i show her this stuff :wink:

yeah i agree about the knuckledusters. next time i can find the energy i’m going to take a hacksaw and dremmel to the remaining ones.

i also need to find the time to do everything all over again for the sister stick!

That is some G artwork!

Sister stick looks good with that ST theme!