Brook usb convertor 360/ps4 firmware update not working


i am having trouble with my convertor not updating right. i did what the pbf.file but it seem it doesn’t wanna hook up to my pc. i try all my ports on my pc but nothing. but when i plug it in, it display blue/red light.

so if anybody know how to fix this problem please let me know asap.
here the firmware file number i was trying to update-20160408


there are two converters…

360 to ps4
and 360+xb1 to ps4 iirc …

try to check if the firmware you downloaded matches your converter :frowning:


i got the 360 to ps4 and i was able to update but still having dropping out controls and now i have to unplug and re-plug it back in when trying to play a game. right now am updating again but with the 201607 and it not the tournament firmware


update: ok i was able to update the firmware from my laptop. it seem to me that the firmware update to my brook usb won’t update correctly if i have a win10 then win7/8. so far i ain’t getting no lag or control lost drop at all. so if anyone is trying to update the firmware on a brook usb convertor. don’t do it on a win10pc/laptop.



next time try to post in official thread :slight_smile: