Brook xbox 360 to ps4 input issues RESOLVED

So i just bought the xbox 360 to ps4 converter (lime green) and i’m having some directional input issues in sfv. With my mvc2 te, if I quickly change directions from left to right, for example, my character will continue to move to the right for a couple of steps even after i let go of the stick. I tested my stick for any kind of shorts by going back to usf4 on 360 and i was consistently pulling off one frame links.

However, when i swapped to my qanba q1, i was not experiencing the input issues in sfv as i was before. Now i’m incredibly confused. Has anyone else encountered this kind of problem? Is it the converter? Is it my te?

Help pls!!!

Does that stick have the Analog/D-pad switch?

If the mvc2 te is still stock, the should have the switch working.
Set it to DP.

I never considered that. i’ll give it a shot

yup. switching to dp did the trick. no more problems