Brooklyn (NYC) Players Thread

This is basically a thread where people who live in Brooklyn can meet up to play casuals, MM, etc. I decided to make this thread because I keep hearing a lot about a lot of players in Brooklyn but never see any.

Not everyone has the time to travel to CTF and trains are messed up on weekends (train -> shuttle bus -> train… fuck no).

You can list around what area you live and what you play.

I live around McDonald and U.

I suck at everything, but I’ll play and learn anything. Mostly fighting games though.

Gareth “Phocusss” Matthews
I play marvellll!!
Im from Brooklyn!
Whats good Wif some mvc2 on console!!?!?

If you want to play/get better at any games other than Marvel this Friday let me know.

I can sign you in to my college but I won’t be available all of Friday.

Actually, if you want Marvel let me know ahead of time.

Brooklyn here, I’m up for ST and 3s.

MvC2/ 3S/ CvS2 tourney in LI (Sat, April 5th… today!!)

Sup Brooklyn players.

Late notification for our MvC2/ 3S/ CvS2 tourney in Nassau, Long Island.

Sup. Just call me Anakron.
I live in Bensonhurst.
I play pretty much everything but my niche games are GG, ST and SNK games. Also, if you’re down for learning Arcana 2, I’m willing to teach new people who want to get into the game at CF.


I grew up there :rofl:


Anyway hi i am phae i live in DUMBO, right on the waterfront, so I am closer to CF than most of you guys. :stuck_out_tongue:

i live in benonhurst

78th street / 17th avenue

I’m Sean, I live in Bay Ridge.

I like most all fighters really, hahaa except mvc2. Not all that great, but willing to play and learn.

Gonna pick up the US release of AH this week, not that it matters now that cf has ah2 :wasted:

Does anyone play Power Stone?

powerstone 2 is crackkkkk!!

ill be at ctf today for some marvel! i wanna work on my msp lol… my magneto is gettin serious so i could start usin other teams besides combofiend:rock:

Hey mixah when u gonna make a trip to ctf man?? i need to learn how to sj out of HSF

haha! no clue about that. i’m in PA finishing up school right now. i might take some time this summer to head to NYC. spend like a week or so. you got a stick at your house? i’ll be getting my stick soon so i can start practicing again. i’d tell you to come by my crib, but my place in NY has no TV and nowhere to sit. It’s got a bed, a fridge, and a microwave. lol

yeh i got a mas… my dumbass got the wrong converter… so it maps the assists buttons on the top row and the first and last on the bottom dont work… its a 10 button…

Lol, id bring a tv. I would have a ride so it wouldnt be a problem

So you said next Friday? Or are you going to CF?

I got one free hour but others will be there all day and I’m the worst MvC2, GGAC, 3S, CvS2, KOFXI, etc, player there so you will have competition and someone to teach you.

I suck at video games :confused:

the name is Duke, i reside in clinton hills BKLYN NY…im currently attending school in NC right now…but i will be back in NY on MAY 8th and will be home for a couple of months…my main games are 3rd strike and gulty gear…you may have seen me in CF, alzarath can point me out(short blk kid that plays a mean dudley/robo-ky :badboy:). when im back i’ll be going to cf a lot, so look out for me.

aight we’ll see.

^^3rd strike…lets go…well in the summer at least…let me know when ur back in the city, im always looking to play new people…idk if i’ve seen any of you guys at CF(a lot of new faces been poppin up after i left…i noticed that when i was back on break).

if anybody was at NEC, i was playing with darren, epidemic, sergio, henaki, and a few others in my room… i don’t know some of the people that were in there.

I’ll confirm that Duke’s Robo-Ky is pretty good.

May 8th, eh? Hope to see you @ the tourney that saturday :>

i was at NEC but i was playing in a room with helgen and kofiend…sergio was there too takin his pants off and shit :looney:

Alzarath: word…tourney that saturday? get hype…oh yeah…i know you’re hype for that sengoku basara X console release on 6/26…imma try to get the limited edition pack :rock:

that’s my room. kofiend was there, helgen was there, we had a lot of alcohol, henaki drank too much… lol. i think makoto scrub was there for a little bit too.