Brooklyn players unite!


what sup to all on SRK. well this is to unite anyone from Brooklyn or NYC to hang out and play fighting games. am from flatbush Brooklyn and my local comp is not around at all its damn their dead. i know i know go to Chinatown fair to find comp but dudes is broke these days. well i guess the real reason behind this post is for me to make some real friends in the fighting game community NYC stand up!!!


Battle at Booty Clapper’s


I live in Brooklyn and I will be probably going to CTF more often, at least once a month.


I live in Williamsburg, BK. Also looking to find some comp to improve (just decided to try to get good at fighting games :)…
I happen to have CVS2 & MVC2 for the ps2, as well as other fighting games like arcana hearts & fate unlimited codes, & numerous street fighter & SNK titles. PM me if interested in getting together, since the arcade scene is practically on life support right now.


I live up in Crown heights, BK where its at! But yeah i got CT like twice a month and my cousin and friends play SF but they dont give me the necessary comp i need to get better, so ill be lookin for more in the community if yall down wit it!(CvS2, SF3, SFZ3)


ha ha
finally, i live in bk too.
i invite players over my crib all the time, always a pleasure getting my ass kicked…sike.
i have, xvsf, msh, mvc2, arcana heart, kof mi2, sf anniverary collection, kof 11, sf ex3, and soul calibur 3…those are all my fighting games.
those interested, pm me or something.

good shit avc for making this thread.
i’m heading out ctf tonight, so just lemme know guys, we can work something out for next week.


im in Bushwick, what’s good!!


What part of bk you live in? I’m thinking about learning MvC2, I’m probably not going to pick up other games because I like fast games only.


i live in bushwick
eastern parkway + bushwick ave.

if you learn from me, you’ll be good in no time.
the only 2 games i suck in are kof11, and arcana heart
if yall want my number, let me know


I live not far from 86 where the F is.


not sure where that is.
but as far as train stations go, the L train is 1 block away…bushwick/aberdeen station
and broadway junction is about 2 1/2 blocks away…J, L, A, and C trains


Not too far from Coney Island.


oh ok, you’re on the far side of bk.
well i’m bout to go shower up.
i’m going to evo this year for xvsf.
and i have to kick my daily share of ass…so i’m bout to head out to ctf.

if any of yall smoke, not cigarettes, the better…ya dig.
i also have a nice amout of fighting games on my computer.
mvc1, rotd, street fighter rainbow, etc…
but you need to bring your own controller…(has to be mac compatible)
also for the ps2 games, bring your own controller.

also, if my wife is cool with whoever, whenever she has off, maybe you and your female can come ova for a night of mario party.
but i aint pushing it.
if yall are better than me, then i get better playing yall.
if i’m better than yall, then yall get better playing me.
thats why i’m doing this…plus i’m madddd cool.


how old are you W-M?




yo guys for real lets play hit me up on srk and lets hang. i wanna learn mvc2 but am not a noob. am not one of those players that doesn’t have a brain i learn fast. i need a stick for ps2 tho i only have one for ps3 but yeah i got some Japanese ps2 games arcana hart, fist of the north star kofxi etc) so hit me up am right by the 2 train we cold even meet up at china town fair. am currently playing sf4 hardcore. so yeah any one that wants to make some friends in Brooklyn and unite the EAST COST hit me up AVC aka SKEME


i only play low tier on arcade sticks in mvc2.
but you’re right, we should get together.
my champion games are msh, and xvsf…which i’m going to evo this year to play.
but i play on my ps2 controller mostly.
pm me your number and your name, and we can hook up sometime this week.
i added you on aim.


Sound like some nice $hyt is about to go down, if im free I’ll ask to come tru just hit me up on AIM or MSN


ok cool
if anyone wants my number besides the people i already gave it to, then just pm me.


i just hit you up on aim
you’re online…but not replying
oh well


any of my brooklyn dudes free today?