Brooks PS2 to PS3/4 converter + Zero Delay PS2/3 PCB with the PS2 plug will it work?


I’ve got a Zero Delay PCB for the PS2/3 and I was wondering if using it with the PS2 controller plug it would work with the PS2 to PS3/4 Brooks converter.


Haven’t tried it myself, but I believe someone reported that it doesn’t. Not 100% sure though.


It should work. I used a PS2 to Xbox One converter with ZD Rematch.


Thanks for the reply, I’m in two minds about buying it (the PS2 one) or just go with the all-in-one fighting board even if it is abit on the expensive side at £72.

I do have another stick with a Zero Delay PCB (just with USB) as well as Cronos Max adapter but because that one didn’t take with the CM I wasn’t sure if it’d work other adapter/converters.